Bunnings Not Honouring Warranty as I Made The Purchase with Power Pass Card

Had Bunnings try to tell me today that I could not return a faulty Cordless nail gun, as I made the purchase with my power pass card. Argued with three different employees who kept stating the same thing, I then gave up and and purchased a new nail gun, the person at the tools shop told me that if I use my PowerPass card I would again not get a warranty. He then told me that I could pay for it with another card or cash and I would have a warranty. He explained that Ryobi tools do not come with a trade warranty. I looked over the entire box and it does not state anywhere that there is no warranty for trade use.

Later I contacted bunnings head office and explained what had happened, they said they will look into it.
I read the terms and conditions of the new nail gun and it does not state anything in the warranty papers that there is no warranty for trade use.

I then contacted Ryobi who said it was ridiculous that Bunning stated there was no warranty for trade use, And that the full warranty would apply for DIY or trade use. I asked Ryobi to email me something stating along those words, which they did. I then returned to Bunning’s to have it out with them about the warranty, but the lady that processed my return said that the return was fine and there was no problem with the warranty.

Bunning’s head office called me back later that afternoon and tried to tell me that on the Ryobi website they state there is no warrantee for trade use and it would depend on each store if they allowed a return. I then explained to her how my return was processed at the local bunnings store and I had an email from Ryobi stating that the warranty covers DIY and trade use. After 20 minutes of going over the same crap with her she said she will look into it and possibly look at re-educating the staff, or ryobi has given them misinformation. After reading on other forums apparently many people have been turned away from Bunning’s trying to get a warranty return on a Ryobi tool.

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  • Bunnings has the best warranty/returns ever. Bare in mind they have a monopoly over the industry.

    It is true though that ryobi/ozito are not intended for trade use and using them for trade generally voids the warranty.
    This things on this:
    Why would you use ryobi if you are a proper tradie.
    You must have met a staff member who gave a shit. Most dramas I've experienced is the staff member stressing trying to find someone with the return authorisation code.

    We do spend about $5-10k a year just on household stuff so honestly why bother.

  • Karcher pressure washers have a similar thing. If you try and warranty they will not honour if purchased with a business credit card. IMHO, If your product can't be used everyday, maybe you need to take a look at your product and stop producing land fill.

  • Similar situation happened to me with an ozito jackhammer. Bunnings said the warranty only covered DIY. I replied and said that I was 'doing it myself' boom, replacement granted and I was off to Jack Hammer the streets

    • How was the ozito jackhammer anyway? Was it heavy enough to not jump all over the place?

  • I did have use of a powerpass myself for a while. Was also told from staff that due to commercial use standard warranties wouldn't apply.

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    Bunnings now employing people who used to work for Kogan ?

    • Nailed it! Now we know why Kogan bought the Dick Smith brand, calls it Australian but in fact runs it from Hong Kong. Guess it fills his bank account in his former Ukraine!

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    Whenever I encounter a warranty issue like this one, I just buy a new product (assuming it is not serialized) and return the old one in its place after a reasonable amount of days.

    The way I see it, I am still entitled to my warranty and I’m just saving everyone involved the hassle of an argument.

    Another technique is just to go to different stores until someone accepts the return. Somewhere out there is an employee who doesn’t care about their job and/or is incompetent and will give me my money back.

    • makers have been countering this by constantly changing products. Ozito changed the dark red colour to a new light red one. The 100mil grinder has been discontinued.
      Subtle changes are also used to advertise a product on special at a higher price than the original product was before. Slight changes and a new number gets them away from the ACCC rules. HN and GG are soo good at that!

    • Did something similar once with screenings that i bought a day before it was discounted 50%… so told the staff u can give me the discount or i will buy these and return with my old reciepts…. she was stumped and processed them without having to buy them again.

    • Lol

  • I’ve got ten years of retail building industry experience. You are the type of customer I try and avoid like the plague.

    You spend half the money a proper pneumatic tool would cost. (Hitachi, paslode or senco). Thrash the shit out of it. Then when the thing packs up, you kick up such a fuss that’s its like you’ve been robbed of your life savings.

    If your any sort of tradesperson you should expect the ryobi to pack up eventually.

    You’re lucky the lady you got on your second visit didn’t give a shit. I would’ve told you tough titties.

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      I’ve got ten years of retail building industry experience. You are the type of customer I try and avoid like the plague……

      I would’ve told you tough titties.

      Funnily enough, you are the kind of sales assistant I try to avoid like the plauge.

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        why? because youd get told how it is?

        you bought a DIY brand, and used it for trade, and it broke…

        whats the problem?

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          No, because you assumed he has used it for trade purely because he used his powerpass, he could easily have bought it as he was a mobile mechanic or something similar but wanted to use it for DIY at home, which I think is a far more likely scenario.

          It's extremely rare to see a tradie using cheap DIY tools as part of their main trade, it just not worth the hassle of trying to use something that is up to the task.

          Yet you are happy to proclaim tuff titties even though the OP had an email from Ryobi saying it should be covered. That's why I try to avoid sale assistants with this kind of attitude.

    • For a start you sound like a total jerk, the trade I am in covers a large scope of works, I have used the nail gun maybe 5 times, with probably 100 nails fired, and they were brads for architraves, hardly hard work. The nail gun still looked like brand new, because yeah, I look after my tools.

  • was he a tradie or not?

  • Tradies use Ryobi cordless tools exclusively on the tv show The Living Room…………..

  • Is this still the case?

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