Cheap Tailors for Groomsmen? - Approx $300 Each for 3 Groomsmen Excl Groom

Hi Ozb,

I'm the best man for my mate's wedding, and I've been tasked with finding a place that can do a decent deal on suiting for the groomsmen (3 , one of which may be need.. larger garments). Any suggestions or recommendations?

We're well aware that we won't get bespoke suits for $300 each, we're happy with simple off-the rack and tailored down slacks and jackets (or vests maybe).
The wedding is in October so we've got time to work with overseas tailors if you have any recommendations.

Thanks all!

(Reminder, this is for the groomsmen, not the groom. The groom'll get something schmick.)

** I want to put together essentially a guide of what each price point can get us - $300/ea (seems like one time use stuff at this price range) , $500ea (MJ Bale on sale + alterations? or overseas tailors) $750ea (MJ Bale + alterations).


  • uniqlo?

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    Lowes 😂😂

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    Just rent some suits. Get some good fitting, classy ones for that budget.

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      Or… Break with "Tradition" & go "Neat Casual"

      Put the $$ saved towards the kids' educations.

      • The groom's kids or the best man's?
        As best man, I don't think you get a choice.

  • You'll be VERY lucky to get anything decent in terms of suits off the peg for $300, let alone tailoring.

    If you're looking at suits, I'd look at the $500 jobs at MJ Bale. You'd near to allow up to $100 a piece for tailoring, depending what's needed. Pants alterations are relatively cheap ($30 or so on waist, $20 or so on hems), but I've always found any changes to the jackets to be far more expensive.

    And just as an aside … the groom won't be looking schmick if he's surrounded my his "mates" looking like they're wearing last night's bedclothes.

    • Yeppppp I've told him that, but I want to actually support my views with options and evidence

      • Go to suit hire place, ask how much to buy a second hand one. Was $50 more then renting for my sisters wedding.

  • Aliexpress?

    They have a lot of tailors in all of the SEA countries.

    Yaly is one of the most popular in Hoi An in Vietnam, It's a town full of tailors.

  • Institchu do made to measure suits for $500 (with the new $100 off promo) = $400. Includes all the fittings and alterations. Just make sure you all go separate as I don't think the promo applies to wedding parties

    Have used them before and suits are made overseas so expect 3-4 weeks turn around; pretty good quality for the price

  • You can get suits with plenty of size options that you can try in store first at TM Lewin for ~$300 each.

  • Both Myer and David Jones have sales on just now. Worth a look.

  • Is the $300 a gift from the groom to the groomsmen? If so are you able to add a bit more from your own pocket to get a nicer suit that you can wear again?

  • Two birds with one stone… go to Thailand for your bucks and have it done there on the cheap!

  • Hi,
    I know, this is really tough to find best suit for men especially for weddings. But these days there are lot more tailors online that provide custom suiting as well. La Rukico and some others are best tailors on the internet.


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