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PS Plus Games June: Sonic Mania & Borderlands: The Handsome Collection


The PlayStation Plus monthly games for June 2019 are:

  • Sonic Mania
  • Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

The games this month are much better than last month. I've been meaning to give Borderlands a shot but never pulled the trigger, guess I won't have to now. I think Borderlands was given out because of Borderlands 3 coming later this year and Sonic Mania may be in relation to the new Sonic film.

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  • !!!!

    🤦‍♂️ bought sonic mania a few weeks ago…

    • Same (or maybe a couple of months), but I got it on a half price sale so I'm ok with it.

    • I wonder if shopper's protection works on PSN purchases…

      • Probably not since you're not really "buying" anything, just licensing when you get it digitally.

    • To make you feel better I bought Borderlands yesterday during lunchtime. :)

    • i was actually looking at eb yesterday at sonic mania Lol

      • It’s a good game but lol - got the dlc too

        Why would anyone give a -neg vote to what you say?

  • Wow, wasn't expecting that.

    Borderlands is a bundle too so you get 3 games for the month.

    • +2

      Yeah but one of the games is The Pre-Sequel so that counts as a negative :P

    • +2

      Handsome Collection is only Borderlands 2 and The Pre Sequel. It doesn't include the original Borderlands.

      The sheer amount of unique DLC though pretty much makes it 3 games though.

      • +2

        Don't know why you got neg'd, because you're right.
        The DLC for BL2 is amazing too. Need more Tiny Tinaaaaaa!

      • I meant 3 games including Sonic, should've put a comma to clear things up.

        I played Borderlands 2 without the DLCs on PC years ago, so looking forward to playing this… eventually!

  • +8

    Borderlands recently got a Pro update to 4K as well.

  • Nice. Is there any way to redeem these via browser? Or do you still need to do via the ps4 menus?

    • You can easily get them via the browser and even queue for download to your ps4

    • +1

      App too

  • damn i bought both of these a month ago, guess ill trade them in, for those who havent played this is a good month

  • +2

    Noice. I'll download sonic, but will probably never play it. Have always liked the sonic games, but could never give it enough time to finish.

    Will definitely play borderlands. I too have been meaning to play it.

  • +1

    Not too bad for this month !

  • +4

    Played through pre-sequel bout a year after hearing mixed reviews and loved it. It's just more borderlands; if you enjoyed the first two it's a decent extra helping.

  • +2

    Sonic Mania is an awesome game for anyone that hasn't played it. This is a true sequel to Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles.

  • Do you need to download the games and keep them on your console to play them later? Or can you tick a box or something and download them in a few months time?

    • +1

      "purchase" with Plus for $0 then download any time after that. Active as long as PS Plus maintained, if Plus expires, I believe they are renewed when subscription is renewed also.

    • You can just claim them and download them later. Can do in browser you don't have to do it through the ps4

  • +2

    Borderless is great fun! Comical FPS at its best.

  • Hoping Sonic Mania comes to Xbox Live Games with Gold soon then.

    • nobody cares. we are ps users here.

      • Hey! That’s a ‘little’ mean!

        Some of us do not discriminate and are polygamous with consoles.

  • +1

    Awesome games!! So pumped to play them.

  • +1

    Wow, amazing month. Shame I got Borderlands for $13 at the time on sale. Not doing that again unless I am absolutely going to play the game. Lesson learnt.

    • +2

      Im sure you'll live.

      • What makes you so sure? I feel it killing me inside.

  • +2

    ahhh no rest for the wicked.

  • +3

    Anyone else think that the games getting released monthly are not that good anymore since discontinued ps3 and vita games

    • What about this month? This is epic!

      • +2

        Great for anyone who hasn't played Borderlands 2, but most people have already played it to death last gen.

        • I haven't played. And I finish 10 games a month. Own all systems. Not everyone finishes everything when it comes out.

          • @RocketSwitch: 10 games a month? think you're spending a bit too much time gaming. though I have a suspicion you have heard that before..

    • They haven't been good in a long time with occasional exceptions. They raised the price, and then cut 4 out of 6 games. So you're getting less for more. I unsubbed and haven't looked back. I'll sign up for a single month if I find something worth getting again.

      • Come on bruh, on sale, you're getting this for a cup of coffee a month. Stop whining and enjoy brother, life too short.

        • +1

          I'd rather have an extra cup of coffee. Bruh.

  • I picked a good time to resubscribe to PS+

  • -1

    Already own the borderlands collection and no interest in sonic past sonic 2, so doesn't look like I'm renewing my ps+ this month.

  • Will Sony sell PS plus for cheap again soon? like 1 year for $59? Mine expired this month because I got cheap PS plus this time last year.

    • +1

      I believe they will, starting on June 7th for the Days of Play sale.

      • +1

        I hope they do. Cheers for that.

  • +1

    These can be downloaded now by searching for the games in the store.

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