Best Card to Get for Large Sums ATO and Super?

I already have Velocity Platinum Amex, so need to be careful about choosing the right card that I will still be eligible for sign up bonus - ie probably NOT an Amex.
Have around $25k to pay to ATO (can spread over several months but would be good to do it within around 4-5 months). Also as a sole trader I want to make a lump sum super contribution for myself before end June, ideally around $20-25k.
Trying to work out the best card to choose to maximise points.
I mostly collect Velocity on an ongoing basis but open to a QF signup bonus if its much better deal.
I have read about the schemes to pay ATO (and presumably super?) via B2BPay etc if necessary, but as I am ready to take out a card expressly for this I don’t know if that’s the best option or not.
Would appreciate any tips.


  • Itunes gift cards

  • You need to "apply" to pay off ATO, and it may not be approved.

  • Possibly I'm missing something (the difference between an employee & sole trader?) but I've never heard of Super being paid with a CC and if it was it might be treated as a cash advance. Can a Sole Trader pay through the Small Business Superannuation Clearing House?
    If you do make a lump sum contribution then don't forget to complete the form notifying the super scheme (and ATO?) that you intend to claim the contribution as a tax deduction

    The ATO will charge you a card handling fee of 0.7% and then you'll have the CC interest payments.

    Best option is to structure your cash flow so that you can pay your super & tax without needing a CC

    • Yes this is the first time (in 16years as a sole trader) I am planning to make a decent lump sum contribution to my super, I've been a bit slow on the uptake!

      Part of the reason I've realised I need to be putting more into super is because of the much larger than usual tax bill I just got hit with for last year. Wont pay CC interest, will take any extra from offset account on mortgage to cover it.

      Cash flow moving forward should get easier once this is balanced out, just want to make the best use of this big spending time.

      Don't know anything about Small Business Superannuation Clearing House, will have a look at it, thanks.

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    I'm liking my Myer Visa. Get $20 of Myer Gift cards for every $2000 spent, and in the last 12 months introduced no limit to rewards. So that equates to 2% back, and a return of 1.3% on your payment - even if it is in myer gift cards.
    Looks like you can pay your ATO return in batches if you do it online. So could easily do this over a few days/weeks depending on your credit limit on the card.

  • I've seen a lot of the credit cards dont count points for payments going to the ATO, DYOR though.

  • Sorry to bump an old thread but wanted to see where you got to with this as I also have substantial tax bills and remember seeing loads of cards with spend $4k get 100,000 QFF points (made up numbers but in those ranges)… but then I also remember most cards don't include government or ATO spend.

  • I ended up getting the westpac business altitude rewards card which gives half points for ATO purchases. Obviously I get charged a fee but figure its worth it for now while I have the large sums. not sure if I will keep it into the second year (first year was free and bonus points)

  • I calculated it out in a spreadsheet for my credit card and at 0.5 points per $ spend with no bonuses in play, to offset the 1.45% surcharge, I'd need the value per point to essentially be about 2.86 cents per point to breakeven… but realistically it's closer in value to 1.1c so not worth it. I'm better off just holding out until the last day before it's due and then paying out of my offset account.

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