Laptop Recommendations $2500- $4000 with decent screen brightness

Hi i'm looking for a decent laptop for work and occasional gaming

Basically looking for:
i7 or i9 processor
RTX 2060 or RTX2070
15.6 inch screen > 300 nits (higher the better)
thin and lightweight

i've had a look at MSI, Gigabyte, and Alienware m15 laptops and it seems alienware is the only one with a decent screen brightness.

can anyone recommend other laptops that have a decent screen brightness?



    Perhaps ASUS ROG laptops?
    They generally have 300cd/m^2.
    E.g ASUS GL504GW


    If you're looking for a bright screen, most laptops wouldn't have an extremely bright screen as it defeats the purpose of a laptop (being portable - battery life).

    The new line of studio laptops shown in Computex with OLED screens would be pretty good as they have better viewing angles and pop more than normal IPS LCD.


    Dell XPS 15 with hmb2?

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    Thinkpad x1 Extreme has a 4k display with 400 nits brightness

    but it's using Nvidia pascal GPU.

    Maybe you can spec a Metabox laptop with a similar display, try metabox or Kong computers

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