[Issues with Seller] Xiaomi Mi Folding Electric Scooter M365 International Version $291.5 Delivered (HK Import) @ Honrdss eBay

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Good for people who are bold and brave, like buying a lotto! selling also selling S50 ROBOT CHEAP, the price is impossible even if you buy in China

ps: buy at your own risk, don't expect instant refund

Mod: Banned item (counterfeit) or possible scam/hijacked account, moved to forum so discussion can continue.

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  • That’s an unbelievable price!

    • The S5 (same as S50) model has now been superseded by the S6 model. I first saw news of this a few days ago and the new product is about to hit the market. Its possible someone has old stock they want to offload very quickly. So even at this scam price it may still be better to wait for the better model.

  • Great price!
    Can't wait for a real seller like gearbite to compete

  • I am guessing these are non genuine then. Will Paypal refund in this case?

  • At this price, would it be reasonable to suspect it may be a fake?

  • Surely fake - recent seller with under 99% feedback. Not worth the hassle of refunding etc.

  • +2

    Yep, its a copy. Here another ad by seller clearly marked as "Copy".

    Pheew, nearly pulled a trigger on this.

    • would you be able to keep the fake and get the refund?

      • Like buying a lotto. You don't get a chance if you don't buy it.

  • +3

    So would the ozbargain moderator stop this possible Scam deals ?

    • is there a way to distinguish 'bargain' and 'scam'

      • That is so deeeep

        • for most people, bargain is not a bargain unless it has scam pricing

          • @tightightight: Actually , think about it , you are right , as this maybe a “ correct “ bargain price in HongKong or other countries except in OZ that is always overpriced!!

            • @tanastra: I came from China, on Nov 11th the biggest shopping festval in China, you can get this for A$400, the everyday price in China is A$500, not a big difference compare to Au Market, this selling won't be making any money considering the extra shipping cost if the deal is legit

      • This could be indeed a bargain… until I saw the other ad saying Copy Foldable Electric Scooter Xiaomi M365 BIRD Ultralight Skateboard Black Good.

        The "Copy" ad was showing right under the page of this ebay bargain. Very good indeed LOL.

        Is it a scam? Possibly.

  • Copy!

  • Wow the seller has restock this to 10, it was down to 2 pcs. I've been watching this every 5 mins. That was fast. LOL

    • +1

      he is either a good seller or a really good scammer, time will tell

  • +1

    When I was buying mine some guy was saying cost price for genuine for Gearbite or similar would be $350 landed + the cost of providing warranty/replacements. So yeah I'm super lucky I got mine for $363 delivered from Gearbite and this is definetely a fake.

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    Not sure if this a red flag, done some detective work on seller's other items, came across this Tony Stark 1/6 figure with watermarked pic. It belongs to other seller @ HK ebay (id: Timcent88). And the figure is very expensive. Either pic or item could be stolen lol.

    Original Timcent88 ebay page

    Also as a reminder, if this is fake/scam, or not/legit, the ebay account could be hijacked. You should be wary on half priced item. Sometime it is too good to be true, but would you risk it (time, personal details, etc)?

  • If cheaper than China I am out

  • -2

    A commonly known fact with these… If says it's an "International Version" it's a fake. There is no such thing.

    • But there is a European version that comes with spare tyres and an English manual. Some sellers will put that as an International Version.

      • Nope. I bought that version, and it wasn't called an "International Version". Look online, posts everywhere about people buying fake m365s, called Internation Versions which is then used as a lame excuse by the seller as to why the scooters wont flash with official Xiaomi firmware.

  • +1

    I sent the message to seller to ask whether this is original Xiaomi M365 and he replied saying Yes, original Xiaomi M365. As soon as I got the reply from the seller, I asked how come this is so cheap, then he is responding no more. I think it is more likely a scam but I don't understand how this scam can be beneficial to the seller.

    • Sell 100 Scooters, update some fake tracking info, 3 months later 90 of those 100 get a refund through PayPal and 10 forget (you'd be surprised what some people forget about!) and he's made $3k!

      This is my assumption of the benefit, since so many people seem to do this on eBay..

  • I’ve got a tracking number
    Same Reassurance by seller by email - at least have proof in ebay messages

    • Ebay refunded instantly once claim lodged

  • Got the refund instantly. just submitted a ebay claim and 5 min later got my refund.

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