[VIC] Half Price Adult Cat Adoptions - $80 @ Cheltenham Cat Rescue


From Cheltenham Cat Rescue: "Gear up for our Winter Warmer Half Price Adult Adoption special.

For the months of Winter, you can adopt a gorgeous adult cat for $80. Desexed, chipped, vaccinated and flea/worm treated, our adult adoption special is a win-win for everyone.
Adopt! And Save a Life!! "

Here are all the available cats for adoption. Because Cheltenham Cat Rescue is a foster network, the cats are all located at various foster homes around Melbourne, so be sure to check all the pages for a cat near you! :D

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    What do we do with the cat after winter?

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    Cheaper to just start feeding neighbour’s cat. Next.

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      Desexing around $150, chip around $50. $120 SAVED!


      lol yes I did this while living in an apartment in the city.
      Several nice (fat) cats around the building during the daytime when their owners are out @ work.

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    Very surprised it costs so much to adopt a rescued cat.

    If anything it seems like the person adopting the cat is doing the shelter a favour by taking the cat off their hands

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      Desexing, microchipping and vaccinations isn't free though. The adoption fee helps cover these costs for the rescue groups.

      • -3 votes

        Why do they need to be 'rescued' though? Someone caused the problem in the first place and gets off for free…


          FYI, over 50% of animals in the RSPCA are put down. Don't know about numbers here but would use that as a guide. Some shelters do say that they don't put down unadoptable animals.


          Someone caused the problem in the first place

          You know stray cats are a thing right?

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            @PAZMAT: I don't think feral cats have any chance of being adopted out, for them going to sleep for ever is the best solution in order to protect native wildlife.

            • +1 vote

              @team teri: Ok but stray doesn't necessarily mean feral though. But yes feral cats that can't be tamed are usually not able to be adopted out and are therefore put down.

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                @PAZMAT: If with stray you mean it has recently run away from its owner, then the owner should perhaps have chipped it.

                Missing that is not as irresponsible as failing to desex, but still places an unnecessary burden on shelters.


                  @team teri: Wait but you understand cats can be stray and not have had an owner right? There isn't always people involved with stray cats.


                    @PAZMAT: I think you are trying to create a category that in my mind does not exist. I see the following possibilities:
                    1) A cat living with its owner. It should always be chipped and unless the owner is a breeder it should be desexed.
                    2) A cat that ran away from its owner. Should be chipped and therefore easy to return.
                    3) A cat that was born in the wild - for me that is a feral cat. Even if you want to split hairs in how you define feral, it does not make a difference in how it should be treated in my view: it should be put down.


                      @team teri: Wow so you're happy to put down a cat that could easily be rescued, desexed and given a good home?
                      Just so you know most of the cats in rescue shelters would fall under the 3rd scenario. Literally almost all of them are born in the wild.


                        @PAZMAT: Totally. Cats born in Australia in the wild are a pest that needs to be eradicated, I fully support the 1080 baiting program.

                        Odds of any of them making a pet that does not continue to threaten the survival of native species are slim.

                        I also can't confirm your assessment what is found in shelters. When I went to Cat Haven all the cats I had time to read the signs on the cages for were from people who had gotten rid of their pets for various circumstances.


                      @team teri: Some cats can accommodate
                      wearing a -lead- outside

                      A good-fitting harness saves
                      wear & tear on a ferel cat's
                      neck, while on-lead

                      If there's even a -chance- a
                      cat may "suspend" its ferel
                      ways, it deserves to Live.

                      (I assume its adopter takes
                      all reasonable measures to
                      keep the "once-ferel" cat
                      safe, well-fed, happy, indoors
                      OR on-lead OR in a good size
                      enclosure, with ample petting-
                      times, across its waking hours)

                      It a cat gets enough to eat,
                      why would it need to be ferel
                      ie, while it has comfortable
                      home as shelter?

                      If you haven't noticed, cats
                      are lazy, IMO.


                        @IVI: That's an awful lot of trouble to go through to spare a cat's life.
                        I don't value a cat's life higher than that of other species. If odds are high that it ever gets away and kills even one other native marsupial or bird, I'd rather see that cat gone. Unless it's locked up in a cage that's where I place the odds, even if owners make the best effort as you describe.


      Comparative price: RSPCA (SA):

      • Cats Over 6 months: $50
      • Kittens: $195

    I need a cat in my life.


      That's not what "cat rescue" means. You are supposed to be doing the rescuing.


        No, the Shelter's doing that,

        Adopters provide a Warm Safe Home

        Anyway, what's wrong with Win-Win…?



      Compared to a friend's hassle
      with a new GSD "puppy," I find
      my (unique? & particular) cat
      a source of peace in a noisy,
      troubled World.

      I prefer to watch my cat over
      commercial TV or even ad-free
      but noisy or movies.

      My cat's soft, quick "Meow"
      let's me know she's hungry or
      needs to go outside & "natural
      toilet" (saving us -heaps- in
      "kitty litter") OR to enjoy a
      bit of sun & fresh-air.

      (After a gruelingly busy day,
      I managed to fall asleep at
      my desk… until one of those
      little "meows" woke me…)

      She announces herself, just B4
      entering a room, where we're
      working, eating or conversing.

      One happy, polite, exFerel cat :~)

      (She has - at least twice -
      lived out on her own, but now
      enjoys her "retirement" (altho,
      even converting cat-years to
      human 1's, she's Not that old)

      Gotta -Love- such exFerel cats!

      EXCEPTION: I'm usually happy to
      feed our cat the usual mix of
      "dry food" + "Ferel-food" (ie,
      what she knows as "Tuna-Tuna" ;~)

      Only 1 dry food makes me hate
      to feed it do her:

      • Optimum "Dental" (in small,
        costly bags)

      The smell is too near "dog poo"
      for me, & it makes me wonder if
      giving it to her could make her
      "sample" (or worse) some "real"
      "dog poo" someday…?

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    What's the point of rescuing a cat? Unlike dogs, cats don't need humans. They're perfectly capable of surviving on their own, as they're natural predators.

    • +1 vote

      Having rescued a crazy cat, its the companionship.
      Some shelter animals need a lot of patience but have a heart of gold
      If you think that dogs are the only animals that can show affection to humans/appreciate affection, then you should spend some at a shelter

      I'm an animal person 1st, before I'm a dog person. We have 2x Greyhounds and 2x cats and I get swarmed by the cats as much as the pups but I put the time in


    Great way of getting rid of the annoying native wildlife around the house.
    They can clean up at a rate of 5 to 30 native animals a night so very fast workers.
    And when you move it's not like you have to take the cat with you because they don't care about you that much.