Maxwell & Williams Cosmopolitan 16pc Cutlery Set - $39.95 @ David Jones


If you need some good looking and nice quality cutlery you could do a lot worse than these.
I bought three sets recently and have been very happy.
DJs has them on sale for a very good price and it looks like there's a fair bit of stock around - plus you can order online.
One word of warning - no soup spoons.
Don't forget cashrewards for the extra 5%

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David Jones
David Jones



    I bought full set a year or so ago, they’re good. Will pick up one of these to add to it.

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    Can't really expect soup spoons in a 16 piece cutlery set (the bigger ones that are 58 or so pieces have them), but they are part of the Cosmopolitan collection here

    Apparently the RRP is $129.95 (Must have gone up since I stopped working in DJS; pretty sure they were sold outside of sale time for $99.95 …)

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      Yeah, I'd take the rrp with a healthy dose of salt.
      The next cheapest I saw from a quick look was Kitchen Warehouse at $49.95 - but there are plenty of options to buy this from $59 up.


    Got a couple, thanks.


    We got a set of Maxwell & Williams cutlery set as a wedding gift 15 years ago and they are still going strong (I think they are the Cosmopolitan as they look exactly the same).
    They are very well made, look good and solid feeling!


    Wow - 31+ votes and still not front page.
    I guess we've done a good job spreading out the voting over time to keep it under the radar.


    Sitting in my kitchen right now. They are great quality sets, well worth the price. Love them.


    This deal still live or maybe has been ozbargained? Shows as on "sale" for $99.95 but with no option add to the cart.

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