Help Me to Choose Right AmEx Card

I need an advice to choose a amex card.
I’m looking at ozbargin over a month to find good i amex deal but more and more i get information more and more hard to decide.

Only reason i’m trying to get the amex card is saving money for my next trip at US

  1. Free access Los Angeles airport lounges.

  2. Currency ( i’m thinking use the amex card at US is cheaper than use AU master card or exchange AU cash to US. Am I right?)

Seems on ozbargain’s deal forum, there are many amex card offers.

I found below…

  1. David Jones American Express Card, First Year No Annual Fee, 20,000 Qantas Points

  2. Qantas Premier Platinum, $199 Annual Fee, 120k Qantas Points (Min Spend $1500/Month for 6 Months)

  3. [Point Hacks Exclusive Deal] - 120,000 Bonus Membership Rewards Points with the American Express Platinum Card ($1,450 AF)

  4. 100K Bonus Points with AmEx Explorer Card (Exclusive to Selected AmEx Partners) + $400 Travel Credit ($395 Annual Fee)

  5. 100,000 Bonus Velocity Points with The AmEx Velocity Platinum Card ($375 Annual Fee; 1k Spend Per Month X 4)

Which one is best option and deal for me? Or anyone know better offer?

I’m new about amex so i will appreciate any advice on it.


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  • I dont think it is any cheaper to use an amex card just because it is in america.

    Your cards currency is still AUD, so you still pay the foreign conversion fees

  • If saving on currency is one of the most important factors for you, skip the Amex and get a Bankwest World Mastercard. The card offers zero international transaction fees, 10 airport lounge passes with LoungeKey (you’ll have to see if this works for your situation) and a decent amount of bonus points upon sign up (no idea what the conversion rates or who their airline partners are though). There’s also a Qantas option without the lounge passes if that’s more your thing.

    Only get the Amex if you’re after a big sign up bonus.


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    Currency ( i’m thinking use the amex card at US is cheaper than use AU master card or exchange AU cash to US. Am I right?)


  • If you are doing lots of travel then look at the additional benefits associated with Platinum Charge card, ie travel insurance, lounge access, hotel benefits, travel credits etc etc.

    If your biggest issue is conversion then you'll need to do some work to track currency rates offered by cards and then conversion fees. I monitored this a few years ago and found that AMEX currency rates were good for the primary currencies I was interested in even factoring 3% free. In fact they were about the same as cards with no conversion fee for two out of three currencies. But this changes daily and is different for different currencies, so you'll need to check and monitor if it's a big deal.

    Be cautious about getting any card based on sign up bonuses, they should be the cherry on top not a deciding factor.

  • NOTE: Take a close look at the terms of any card you sign up for. Many don't permit access to the AmEx lounge in LA!

  • Currency conversion fee is 3% so Amex's aren't going to save you anything. If you need lounge access, might be cheaper to just sign up Priority Pass on its own.

    Or sign up to a Platinum card then cancel it within 30 days to get a full refund. Once you're over the 30 days period, you're gone for the year.

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