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Vodafone $40 Pre-paid for $20 with Bonus $20 Netflix Gift Card @ Woolworths


Purchase the half-priced Vodafone $40 Pre-paid Starter pack and with it… get a Bonus $20 Netflix Gift Card:)

Available in-store only.
Both the Sim card and the Netflix Gift Card must be scanned in the same transaction for the offer to kick in

Mod Note: Offer extended another week.

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    I could be wrong, but isn't optus the provider that gives you free Netflix streaming? Still a great deal though. Thanks OP.

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      Not free Netflix - unmetered

      • unmetered netflix but limited to 1.5 mbps for netflix.
        Well that's what I have at least… (Optus postpaid)

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      No Optus does not give you free access Netflix, it gives you a extra limited data to watch ur Netflix if you an account

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        I'm with optus prepaid, my plan gives extra 10gb a month for streaming Netflix, Stan or iView. I don't get unmetered Netflix

  • optus gives free netflix?

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      Not a free Netflix subscription, just doesn’t charge data to stream it aka unmetered content

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    As happy coincidence, optus $50 sims are 20 bucks… But they don't come with a Netflix card. So, dual sim sluts need to shuffle around to get the best out of this.

  • From the Netflix site: If I purchase a gift card in one country, can I use it in another country?
    Yes. You can use a gift card purchased in a different country as long as the gift card is for the same currency as your Netflix bill.
    Has anyone had any luck applying a giftcard if they're paying their bill in another currency, like the Turkish Lira? If so are there any extra steps?

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      "same currency", you've answered your question already.

  • Reminds me of the old Optus prepaid offer where buying a $10 prepaid handset scored you $40 in Netflix credit. Stocked up on about 6 of those. Crappy phones scattered around my house.

  • This again! (profanity) yeah

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    Remember that if you got a gift card, you don't need a credit card to sign up to Netflix.

    So 20 bucks is two month at the cheapest plan plus one month sign up freebie.

    • What’s the significance of not needing to use a credit card to sign up?

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        I think he's saying you can get an extra free month of access (without access to your existing libraries, likes, bookmarks etc)

        • Ok, thought there was some “bargain” not needing to use a credit card

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    Will be great for people looking to renew their Netflix as they get a $40 SIM pack essentially free !

    • Exactly. Way I look at it, I have to renew my Netflix anyway, which hardly has any specials on nowadays, so the Voda is a bonus. Bought 5.
      Lady at Woolies didn't know about the deal but scanned just fine.

  • Can the $40 credit be used to pay for Spotify like the Optus sim?

  • i'm sorry but.. is this worthy of a post? with Kogan killing it with their 3 months deal …. and also their $4.99 for 1 month deal … 50% of $40 Vodafone is it really a deal, guys? There was even a better deal in the past for Vodafone itself.

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      You are reading the offer the wrong way around.

      You buy a 20 dollar Netflix card, and you get 45gb on Vodafone for a month.

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        and why would i want a 20 dollar Netflix card for?

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          so you stop pirating?

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          Sell it again for $19.99 and you got yourself a bargain.

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          Then why are you even here in this deal? scroll and move along….

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      yeah i got that Kogan.Voda 90 day deal for $10 cant beat it.

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    Ebay has multiple sellers at $11.60 for starter pack . Get $18 for Netflix card a massive $10 profit bit better than $2 the normal one's :)

  • havent bought a prepaid sim in a while - does this need to be activated within a certain time (with 28 days for eg)?

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      According to their T & C's:
      Must be activated within six months of purchase to avoid expiry

  • Do these sims have an expiry date? eg could I activate one in a couple of years?

    • Please see my response above!

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    Worked out this’ll mean free internet for the next few months. Is there any restriction on quantities?

    • Wondering this too

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      As per their T & C's:
      Limit of 3 per customer

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        but how would they know! :)

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    Is this deal for one day only or for a week or…

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      It's for the whole week:)

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    Does Voda have long expiry plans?

    Edit: Found it, its called Pay and Go. Might be a good plan for my stay at home mum. Home wifi for data and skype for calls which she uses now anyways. Thanks OP. I never looked at Voda for over a decade until now.

    • Glad, I could help:)

  • Do they add the $20 Netflix credit at checkout? One check out lady told me that you have to do it online.

    • You get both cards, scan both (the big barcode at the bottom, not the small one at the top). When you do the first, it will show as normal price. When you do the second, it will take 20 dollars off.

      Its all in the one transaction.

      You then should get three print outs. One for Sim card activation, one for Netflix activation, and one receipt.

      • Thanks. It seems most checkout staff don't know how to activate this deal.

        • Yeah I don't think woolies have let the staff know about this deal at all. The staff at my local had to read the catalogue to work it out.

          • @Username not found: Picked one up yesterday. The girl swiped it a lot of times, but I think that was the activation process or her not believing the register was scanning the correct price! 😂
            Will be going back to collect another on the weekend.

  • Can anyone confirm if this worked in SA?

  • I had some fun wit this, went through a serviced register (because of 6 x activations) and they missed scanning one netflix card so I had to go back again… then it took ages for them to work out what to do…

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    This deal appears to be still active. I just bought at Sydney Town Halll Woolworths this morning before 10:00.

  • Expired already? Just tried but scanned up as $20 each 😭

    • I bought several in Vic this afternoon and it worked. FWIW it scanned the vodafone sim first and then the netflix card.

      • I did scan the Vodafone first then the Netflix, even swapped cards as well as self-checkouts. Just realised I was at an express so that may have been the issue.