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Audio Technica AT2020 XLR (White) $79 Delivered @ Store DJ


XLR model and normally $119

Orders over $50 ship free

Online stock only (ships in 7 days), currently no stock in stores.

+48V phantom power is required.

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  • really good price, reliable af
    You might want to specify that it is the xlr one

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      Cheers for the suggestion. I've not seen a white model that is USB but I've updated it anyway.

  • Bought one. Is it something can be used for Youtube recordings?

    • You can, but it is a condenser mic so will pick up every little sound around you, even your keypresses and mouse clicks. A dynamic mic is much more forgiving in this regard.

  • Any suggestions on what is needed to connect this to a PC?

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      Seems to be noted here https://www.jbhifi.com.au/audio-technica/audio-technica-at20...

      that +48V phantom power is required.

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      You need an USB audio interface, I have been using this one for years it does the job https://www.storedj.com.au/focusrite-scarlett-solo-usb-audio...

      If you want something cheaper these are ok from what I have heard, not as good a quality as the Focusrite https://www.storedj.com.au/behringer-u-phoria-um2-2x2-usb-au...

      Both do phantom power.

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        I've been pretty happy with the Scarlett as well. I picked up a 2i4 on ebay… works well and has midi inputs!

    • I currently use a Neewer NW800 (around $30 which included a microphone arm, pop filter and a XLR to 3.5mm cable) with a Yamaha AG03.

      Trying to tempt myself on upgrading my mic to this.

      • Is Neewer NW800 any good? trying to invest 1 for videography on an SLR.

        • What kind of videography are you wanting a mic for? In most cases you'd be better off getting some kind of flash-mount shotgun mic like those offered by Rode. Unless it's more for vlogging or recording general Atmos. This mic will be very sensitive and not very direct. More suited to a studio unless you are wanting to pick up a lot of sound around you. And quite big relative to an SLR. It also doesn't have its own power source. Field shotgun mics will often have an internal battery for power. This mic would need you to carry either an online power source, else be using a field recorder for audio. I'm not an SLR expert but I don't think any cameras have an XLR port with Phantom power.

  • Good job on the description OP.

  • Cheers

  • +48V phantom power is required . Any cheap recommendations?

    • Focusrite Scarlett Solo

    • Most XLR audio interfaces and mixing consoles will have Phantom power. Depends on your needs and budget

    • No experience with it but assuming you want your audio interface to be cheaper than your microphone, Behringer UM2 Is the kind of thing you might want.

    • Yamaha AG03 is a pretty good option, too.

  • Thanks been looking for something like this.

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