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    Hi OP, just wondering whether the Quilton 24 pack in the catalogue will be placed online anytime soon?


      I doubt it, my local place said that Quilton has a shortage and basically they won't be sending more stock to GPPW. Was told this morning by a worker here in SA. Ended up getting some sent via Prime for $17.50 for 45 rolls, essentially the same price.


        It's been a long time since I used Quilton, basically since Aldi opened here in Perth a couple of years ago I have been buying their 24 packs for $7.99 or whatever they cost. Works out to 18c per 100 sheets.

        Can anyone tell me if Quilton is much different/better these days? I'm liking some of these deals I see on Prime etc but I think it works out slightly more per 100 sheets.

        I couldn't tell the difference when I switched away from Quilton to Aldi, would I notice if I switched back? Would it earn me bonus points with the missus who is obsessed with brand name products?

        I just realised how much effort I put into typing this reply about poos and wees but I'm okay with that.

        Edit: I'm in a car park right now of a suburban s/c that has Aldi and Woolies within 100m walk and we need bog roll. Pls respond.


    Do they have the $1 deals often? Iā€™m running out of hand soap from the last offer.


      You're kidding! I got 6 from that I think and I'm probably only half way through. Also got a 350mL ($0.56 one) arrive from Amazon which was ordered months ago.


    Anything for good price?

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    Why the 1 dollar deals not available for delivery?

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    They cancelled my order from last deal and many more …after a week taken the funds so boycotted them.


    Free Shipster shipping at Chemist Warehouse for >$25 purchases any day of the week until end of July vs >$20 purchases for 2 days only at a place I haven't heard of before? Not impulse purchase worthy, I think I'll just wait until I actually need something.

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    Omg I bought 3* 90 cap Probiotics and they sent me 2 of them expired Nov 2019. only 5months. How can I take 180 cap in 5months?
    Im regular buying probiotics from other store and they normally send them with over 1-year expired date.
    I won't buy any more from this store. Feel like sending me clearance products

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      It's a problem buying stuff online.
      A few years ago I ordered a few dozen litres of longlife milk. The best before date was quite soon, so I ended uo havingto consume about three per week. Unfortunately I had a pending cashback so I didn't want to jeopardise that by returning them

      Lesson learned: Only buy perishables in bulk if you know the expiry date

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        Agree but if they do business like this no one will buy from them.
        I bought from other online store and they never send the product with a short expired date.
        It is my first and last order. so disappointed with Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse.

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