expired Shoes, Sunglasses and Accessories + 100s of Styles from $20 (Free Shipping on Orders of $120+) @ TOMS


Great prices on shoes but also sunglasses and other accessories. Decent variety still available at the time of writing.

WELCOME15 = 15% off
FREESHIP = Free Shipping

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    Super interesting company. I followed it after watching founder Blake Mycoskie on amazing race decades ago. He was a bonehead and lost his passport. He tried to get involved in a cable reality channel. That failed. Then he became the Candyman equivalent of green tie poker and then legislation shut online gambling down. So then he founded Toms and was an early pioneer in charity marketing. What is fascinating is he managed to sell a large portion of the company for megamillions despite the company never really being profitable. It's in serious financial trouble with debt much bigger than all the shoes they ever sold….so now Mycoskie is trying to get SJW credibility with anti-gun activism. Blake is now super rich but the company is a lemon so he's trying to get social media attention Michael Moore style.

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      If you are interested in the business side of things, Toms is a zombie company that has $400 million of debt that needs refinancing in October 2020. The debt rating is almost the worst possible with a very high probability of default. Founder Blake now says he's more of an ideas man than operational CEO. Their product is simple shoes so if you like them, terrific, no problem, but do keep watching the trainwreck in motion late next year. They are a poster child for dead man walking. Sales should be good! It fascinated me because the company would be better off if they just made $200 million worth of shoes, bought them all themself with debt and then buried them in the desert….and the founder probably isn't evil, just incompetant, but might be worth $50 million to $400 million. It should be a movie.

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    Thanks OP, picked up some new kicks for the family.

    I also stacked with the WELCOME15 code for 15% off.


    Stacks with WELCOME10 code for new mailing list subscribers!

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    Anyone have any knowledge of what sort of sizing their shoes tend to run?

    Narrow? Wide? Long? Small?


      I've got a pair of the lace ups. US 11,relaxed comfortable fit. I think the size is accurate. I wear a US 11 Nike. Usually run a US 10 in leather lace ups.

      Buying shoes online is a crapshoot, though. Good luck.


      The canvas shoes run small IMO. I'm usually an 11 but just fit the 12s.


      They stretch. Very tight and rather uncomfortable at first, but after a week they are perfect. So order TTS would be my recommendation.

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    FREESHIP code works here

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    Oh bugger. Jumped on before there was comments, now I see the codes :(

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    I thought these shoes were a fad

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    Thanks. Got an email from TOMS.
    Found something I liked but didn't want to pay shipping.
    Checked OZB and found this post.
    Free shipping and works for EXPRESS too!!!


    Cheers. Between myself, the wife, and the kids, got 7 pairs at quality pricing. Unfortunately another one in my size went out of stock before checking out.

    Also, WELCOME15 didn’t work for me, had to go with the 10% discount only. Such is life.


    Code FREESHIP not working anymore?

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    Only WELCOME10 now working for me. FREESHIP / WELCOME15 expired

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