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LYNX CIAO Deodorant Body Spray 100g Half Price @ Coles $2.84 Save $2.85


Been some time since I had posted some bargain, but thing's are pretty competitive these days so I stunt rolled through the aisle and 'matrixed' whilst my iphone finally clicked for the money shot!

Anyhow, I am an avid use of Lynx (no AA meetings, but it is apparently good for increasing your skills with the ladies if you love and believe marketing) and you don't see it at this price very often.

The cold hard facts…

Limited Edition (Perhaps hock on eBay once all sold through)
$2.84 save $2.85

Marketing Department says - Lynx bodyspray under your arms, across your chest, in the shower – all the hot spots. Lynx fights odour and makes you smell good wherever you use it – and intensive research has taught us that women like men who smell good. Be a real charmer with Lynx Ciao Body Spray. For a limited time only in Coles stores.

From my supermarket days, it seems like an allocation. My closest Coles in Pakenham (VIC) was loaded with stock so presumably you can pick them up at your local.

Enjoy and happy spraying :-)

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