Square Enix Just Uploaded (Almost) Every Final Fantasy Soundtrack to Spotify

Square Enix are not known for making access to their game soundtracks easy for Australians.
As Aussies we are generally limited to the EU store and that store does not ship to Aus.
Apple Itunes store does not list any albums for sale when located in Australia, (change it to US and things change however)

But in a suprising move they have today uploaded almost every final fantasy soundtrack to Spotify (rummors are apple music will follow in next day or so)

For anyone (who like me) considers final fantasy games to have some of the best in game music around then jump on it.

(note most track names are in Japanese)


Article where i found info:


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    A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

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    I am just playing FFVII again on the Switch. One of the best things in the soundtrack.

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    /Raises bottle of Ether


    I can die in peace now with Aerith.

    Still remember listening to Aerith's Theme on the train to school every day.

    Now it is beautiful lo-fi and other jap peaceful music.

    The Japanese really know how to live and make life serene, calm and peaceful.