Any Problems with New Balance

Has anyone else had an issue with New Balance Online, I made a purchase on the click frenzy 22nd may. I am yet to receive any correspondence in regards to postage of items, There Customer service number is no longer connected, The Melbourne number is continually too Busy To answer your call) leave name an number we will call back,

No reply to emails either.

Whats the deal?

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  • Same here. Totally unable to contact customer support by phone or emails. Of the three items I ordered, two arrived (posted separately) and I'm still awaiting the last one.

    I returned one of the items and have already gotten a refund somehow, despite their customer service team being non existent.

  • I dunno, no recent experience. All was working normal with them 18 months back,

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    Yeesh. NB really dropping the ball here, CS number disconnected, and not responding to emails? Sounds like one of the fly-by-night dodgy small business operators that take people's money and then do a runner? I'm not saying that's what they're necessarily doing here, but that is often what happens when people lose their money with dodgy investments and what not.

  • I had similar problems a month ago. When I finally got through to their number, I was told that their Warehouse was in the process of being moved and when I got my order 2 weeks later, they were sent in from different places (kind of like what Myer does today) and so there would be a delay in receiving items.

    Now, I made an order not during a Sale but it still took 2 weeks, so it would undoubtedly take much longer during a Sale.

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    Got my NB ClickFrenzy order promptly. They won't send to PO boxes. Sent by Startrack. Wasn't home so they left it at the PO where my box is ……. ironic?

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    I had a problem that only got resolved when I opened a PayPal dispute, its the only thing that kicks them into action.

    • Forgot about this option! Thanks, paypal dispute is now open.