Multi Device Connectivity on Sony WH1000XM3, Bose QuietComfort 35 II, Sennheiser PXC 550?

I am looking for a Bluetooth headphone that can connect to multiple devices without having to manually disconnect the previous device. For example, I connect to my desktop in my room to watch a movie for a while then I go out to the living room. I want to start listening on my phone. I don't want to have to run back to my room to disconnect the Bluetooth on my desktop before I can connect the headphone to my phone.
Which of these 3 (Sony WH1000XM3, Bose QuietComfort 35 II, Sennheiser PXC 550) can do that? I've looked at forums and specs but it's not clear it works the way I described. From what I've read, the PXC 550 is most likely to do what I want. Thanks for any input.


  • I know my PXC550 can connect to multiple devices at once as I normally have it connected to my PC & mobile.

    • What happens when you have youtube playing on both devices? Is there an option on the headphone to switch back and forth at will?

      • I'm normally watching TV or streaming Netflix with the headphone on. When a call comes in pauses playback in favour of the call.

  • QC35II does it, connected to my phone & PC all the time. Note that if one is playing music and the other tries to play something, you might miss it totally. (eg: I'm gaming on my PC and when I finish whatever I was doing, I find missed calls and texts on the phone)

    If they're both doing nothing, you'll get a notification from whichever beeps first. Then if it shuts up before the other one starts beeping, you'll hear both, but sometimes transmitted audio alerts just disappear.

  • You can rule out Sony

    Source: I have them

    • Yeah, that's disappointing as I'd love to have USB-C fast charging. So what happens when you want to connect to another device? Say you were connected to your phone but now you want to connect to your PC but you've misplaced your phone somewhere. Is there a way to remove the connection from the headphone? Or is it stuck until your can find your phone again to disconnect the Bluetooth?

      • Turn off headphones, then turn on PC, then turn on headphones and hope it picks up the PC connection (assuming you've set it up beforehand) being closer to it, I guess.

        Or ask Google Assistant where my phone is

      • Surely you just click "connect" on the device you want to connect to the headphones.

        The Bose QCII has the advantage of remaining connected to two sources, but it's not like the XM3 stays irrevocably paired to a device until you unpair it.

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