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[PS4] NBA 2K19 $2.99 USD @ PlayStation Store US


Found this cheap NBA 2K19 PS4 Game Download in Playstation Store US site.

RRP 59.99 USD

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  • Posted yesterday but not an actual dupe as the OP didn't seem it worthy of being in the title.


  • its like $2.50 on the xbox argentina store if you are into the whole "buying from a different country's store" crowd

    • Is there any way to buy from Argentina store directly? I can't find any methods except gift cards. Thanks, OP.

      • It’s a bit of a process to initially set up, I did it once for a pre-order of darksiders 3 deluxe edition for like $30 but felt like a scumbag afterwards 😂.

        You can use gift cards, use a credit card from that country or if your country doesn’t have a Xbox store eg. Ukraine then you have free reign of all Xbox stores.

        Argentina gift cards are almost impossible to get so turkeys the next best option.

        Dunno if it’s allowed on ozbargains but you can check out www.xbox-now.com for help and links. They also have a discord where people from Argentina etc can buy the games and gift them to you.

        You can pm if you want any info

        • Your reply helps a lot. Thanks heaps! Have a nice day:)

  • Well at least we all know the Raptors will win this year


  • Thanks so much for posting this OP, I didn't see NBA in the other post. Still had $5 of credit left on my account from a year ago. Was wanting to buy this game. Awesome!!!

  • Is there any trick to getting PayPal to work on US. It's been so long since I have used my US account Andi keep getting and error trying to process it.

    • I don't think you can. From what I know you buy US cards from amazon.

    • the trick is long and hard.

      open account in Payoneer

      Get bank details from Payoneer

      Enter bank details in US Paypal account

      use that Payoneer linked Paypal account in PS Store.

      The process of getting US bank details from Payoneer is not instant.

  • so US PSN cards it is :-)

  • VPN not working with this. Am I missing something? Or Basically I don't know what I'm doing.

  • Damn I have only $2.65 USD in my account! :(

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