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LEGO 10243 Parisian Restaurant $147.92 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Good price for this, https://brickhawk.com/set/10243 shows it's cheapest by a fair way. 41% off RRP.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel K Keepa.

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  • Very good price. Still remember when I bought it at $200 a few years back.

  • Wow this is cheap, thanks!

  • Excellent price!

  • $136 after shopback. Tempting, really don’t need it…..

    • With any Lego the only question you need to ask is, do you have this set? If no, then you need it.

  • Awesome work. Great addition to our lego city and nearly half price!

  • I bought it when it dropped to a crazy price of $83.99 a few months ago on amazon AU.

  • 2 hotdogs!!!! Wow.

  • Gone up in price now

  • Ozbargained!

  • I'm thinking about getting into lego for investment. Any buying tips from the experienced here?

    • Lol? All I get is lowballers when I try to sell items. Take that money and buy crypto?

    • You won't lose money, but you won't get 4x or 5x return as per 10179 Falcon or early modulars like Green Grocer. TLG is now smarter about the quantity and shelf life of big sets.

    • I would say don't bother buying Lego for investment. Buy it at cheap prices to build and enjoy and know that if you want to sell it used later on, you should still get at a minimum what you paid for it(assuming you got it for at least 30-40% off RRP like any self respecting ozbargainer) and anything extra on top is a bonus

    • Dont bother, i have been collecting lego for many years, cant sell many for profit if you are holding onto them and losing 5 years of returns if the money had been sitting in the bank.

      I still have so many to sell, such a burden at the moment.

    • Any buying tips from the experienced here?

      Don't bother - you missed the boat.

      I've sold heaps of Lego sets over the years. Some of my returns:

      • $275 set sold for $1050
      • Free minifig sold for $105
      • $169 set sold for $610
      • $185 set sold for $720

      None of those returns will happen again (except maybe the collectible minifig). Here's why:

      • Years ago, there wasn't a huge adult buying market for Lego, as it was still a bit of a niche hobby. As such, the expensive sets (e.g. Star Wars and modulars didn't sell as many, and people certainly weren't buying then in large numbers for resale.

      • Lego became more and more popular, and as people learned about the best out-of-production sets, they were willing to pay big dollars to obtain these otherwise unobtainable sets. None of my sets listed above were deliberately purchased for resale.

      • As popularity grew, and profits increased, stories hit the news about how Lego is a 'better investment than gold'. That was the beginning of the end.

      • Scalpers started buying trolleys full of Lego at the big sales.

      • Lego caught on and is now regularly re-releasing sets themselves, which removes demand for the older sets (like the UCS Falcon which has 2,344 more pieces than the old one!) They're also keeping modulars on the market for much longer than they used to.

      • Chinese companies have started making exact replicas of big Lego sets. I've seen forums full of people who'd be happy to pay AUD$95 for a knock-off Lego set rather than pay AUD$500 for an out of production set. So this obviously also affects the size of the resale market.

      • After my early profits (including on modulars) I started a 'one for me, one for resale' buying practice. However, by that time, everyone (including Lego) had caught on. As such, I have an extra copy of this exact set in the cupboard that I paid over $200 for. I figured that I'd easily make that money back - from this Amazon sale, it's obvious that I'm not going to make any money on this.

      Having said all of that, Lego is still an amazing hobby. As others have said, you can buy decent sets, build them, and not lose huge amounts of money on them if you get them at a great price. If you're lucky, when it goes out of production, you may even make your money back.

      How many other hobbies can say that you can sell your used stuff and make your money back?

      • Chinese companies have started making exact replicas of big Lego sets. I've seen forums full of people who'd be happy to pay AUD$95 for a knock-off Lego set rather than pay AUD$500 for an out of production set.

        OzB being one of them. Every time a deal comes out for one of the more expensive sets gets posted here(UCS Falcon, etc), invariably someone would mention why anyone would pay $$$ for pieces of plastic and why not just buy lepin instead, etc advocating that they're the same. As someone who has bought some lepin just to see what kind of quality we're dealing with, I can unequivocally say that the quality is definitely not the same as real Lego, especially with the technic sets where some stuff just doesn't work as well because of the need for moving parts that fit together well,

      • I understood that Lepin lost their court case with LEGO lasted year. I’m sure there’s a back inventory of stock but surely by now these fake sets would be gone?

        • They phoenixed as a different company pretty much right after the raids on lepin factories was concluded.

  • If you got this at that price you would already have a great investment . Price points gentlemen :)

    Even better now days with low AUD $ making our country cheapest sourcing spot on some sets world wide .

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