Stacking Bosch Washing Machine and Dryer, Having Some Queries

Hi All,

I was wondering if someone can guide me here. I have a 81 KG Bosch washing machine, and was thinking to stack up a 55 KG heat pump dryer on top of it.

Washing machine model -WAW28620AU-

Dryer Model - WTW87565AU -

Has anyone done it ? Will it void the warranty if I go down this path ? Apologies, if this is a naive question. Since these machines are very popular, thought I can get some comments from someone who has a similar setup.

Bonus - Any suggestions about a stacking mat would be much appreciated.

Thank you


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    Rubber mat for $30-$50 would be ok enough, but if you want to be 100% sure that the feet of the dryer don’t dent the top of the machine then a stacking kit is required - they’re around the $100-$150 mark.

    Apparently some people have had issues with warranties if they haven’t used a stacking kit, but YMMV

  • I have the same combo, didn't bother getting a stacking mat. Works alright

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    Personally, if I'd spent $2000 + on a washer and dryer combo, I'd shell out the extra for the stacking kit. Especially if you have kids in the house, you wouldn't want the dryer to vibrate off the top.

    Washer-dryer stack connection set:
    To save space, the dryer can be
    placed on top of a suitable washing
    machine of the same width and
    The dryer must be secured to the
    washing machine using this
    connection set.
    Order number with pull-out worktop:
    Order number without pull-out
    worktop: WTZ20410.

  • Dont get the stacking kit its just a bloody piece of plastic requiring you to drill holes into the top of the washer

    It isnt something that is reversible/non-destructive

    And yes i got suckered into buying the 87 dollar piece of plastic (im assuming slightly less after coupon).

    WAW28640AU washer
    WTH85200AU dryer
    WTZ11310 stacking kit

    And yes even unsecured the dryer will not move or vibrate off it. My stacking kit is unsecured and I've left it as such as I will not drill into the top of the Washer (google the stacking kit and its got a bloody cheaper overseas too by like >>50%+?). Just a mat will do.

    • as I will not drill into the top of the Washer

      Why? Its not like you're going to sell it any time soon and really doesn't impact the value of the unit.

      Its 4 screws into the top plate.

  • Has anyone done it ? Will it void the warranty if I go down this path ?

    Yes and no

    Use the bosch stacking kit, its $80-100 for the kit. Yes over priced for what it is. But locks the two together, and is all 'bosch' etc.

  • So you can also make a timber frame to do this, so long as it's robust and locates over (above and below) each of the four corners of both machines it will do fine without fasteners. Add some rubber to stop it squeaking and it will work fine.

    But it may stick out and look funny. Would need to be painted white (to deal with water/soap/general scungeness)

    So a $80 piece of plastic you could reasonably expect is engineered to make it safe and silent starts to look like a good idea. I'd say a soft rubber mat of some kind seems a very decent alternative

  • You don't need a stacking kit but genuine stacking kits are made to fit correctly, same colour and the same design. Stacking kits also secure the dryer to the washing machine on the chance your washing machine goes out of balance and shakes/walks around.

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