eBay and Returns, Broken Bread Box

Not sure if this is the right section so apologies in advance if this is in the wrong section.

I bought a bread box from Ebay 2 weeks ago. It came slightly damaged on the back but it's functionality wasn't effected. I complained to the seller and they offered us half price to keep it. We took this offer. $30 and got $15 back.

Just yesterday the knob fell off the front of the bread box

Bread box in question looks like this


My question is given that i've already sort of made a deal to keep the box, do I have grounds to bring up another issue with the seller / Ebay to get the rest of my money back?

I'll set up a poll for easier voting.

Thanks in advance =)

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    You made a deal with the seller, keep the box and suck it up.
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    You have grounds to make another complaint with the seller since this is a new issue.
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    You are entitled to nothing but can hope the seller is nice and will return the money.

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    Original deal - $30 for brand new item in perfect condition.

    New deal - $15 for seconds with implied "as is, all sales are final, no warranty".

    By accepting the $15, you've got yourself a new deal.


      Yer I sort of figured this as the deal. It's just $15 so isn't a big deal more the principal. I know where I stand in the future if I ever make these deals lol.

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    Come on, it's a knob, either screw or glue it back in place.
    It seems like you never liked this bread box regardless of the knob existence.
    Please post obligatory photo of the fallen off knob.

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    Can't you just fix the knob with a simple screw? Should only take a couple of minutes to do, looking at that bread box.


      Unfortunately the hole in the knobs sort of gotten bigger due to the screw. It no longer screws back on.

      The above suggestion of the Glue is our best bet lol.

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        Epoxy: Generic. Araldite. JB Weld. Pick one :-)

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        Break off a match stick or toothpick and put it in the hole, this will make it a bit smaller, at the same time put a small amount of pva glue in the hole and a bit on the base of the knob, screw it all back in place and give it a few hours to cure. Should be better than new.

        FWIW i'm pretty sure this it he same we bought (did you have to assemble it in the first place?) and it's alright and a fun little project to get my better half making/assembling things. Chances are you've just overtightened the screws when you were assembling it. With wood you can't over tighten the screws otherwise it will just start shearing and pulling material out of the screw hole.

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        just use a bigger screw (in girth) ;)

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    Did you try putting it in rice?

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