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Malwarebytes Premium 1 Device/4-Year Digital - $8.10 via Studentbeans (Need valid .edu e-mail)


Works out to $1.98 per year.

You need a valid .edu account (could be from US/Canada/Aus/UK) for the deal

  1. Sign up for a studentbeans account and verify with your institution e-mail: https://www.studentbeans.com/
  2. While logged into studentbeans, copy and paste this link: https://www.malwarebytes.com/student-discount/
    It'll give you a one-time code to apply at checkout but you can keep generating codes without restrictions it seems.
  3. Once you've activated, log into your Malwarebytes account and cancel the subscription renewal under the Payment tab and if you paid via Paypal, cancel the agreement in your Paypal account as well to be safe.

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  • What a great find!

  • Great deal - I only wish I had a valid .edu account - anyway around this ?

  • What is the benefit of premium?

    • To my knowledge it is active realtime protection of web,exploit,malware and ransomware vs scanning whenever you schedule it or whenever you think you need to.

  • Thanks for this. Just bought one

  • It'll give you a one-time code to apply at checkout but you can keep generating codes without restrictions it seems.

    for more devices? if this hack works, I seriously doubt Malwarebytes

    • Well technically it isn't, given that at the time of placing your order you can increase the order quantity as well

    • Tried. It worked. 1 x Licence code activates for the number of devices you donate for.

  • This or Kaspersky internet security?

    • Both

      • Isn't that a bit excessive to run 2 security suites at once?? Gonnna slow down the system and also clash with each other

        • They complement each other

          • @LlamaLlamaLamp: You should never have two real-time antiviruses working together lol, here come the uneducated ozbargain Negs?

            • @Tehcookiemonsta: One does stuff that the other doesn't. Kaspersky is very good at protecting you from the very malicious stuff and has an IDS. Malwarebytes is very good at protecting you from adware, crapware and malicious stuff too.
              Malwarebytes is not a traditional AV. You're the only one handing out the uneducated ozbargain negs.

            • @Tehcookiemonsta: Malwarebytes is decent as an on-demand scanner although it is very slow at scanning, HitmanPro is much better product but costs significantly more. Malwarebytes offers real-time protection as a premium feature but I would recommend to disable the realtime protection if you buy premium except for web protection because the other ones slow down the machine too much, even on a modern system with SSD you take a big performance hit running them.

    • Neither, run Linux or mac instead :)

      • …linux and macs can still be infected……they're not exactly virus/malware proof…..

        • As can fully patched windows machines running Kaspersky + Malwarebytes concurrently.
          The Linux desktop is still less likely to be affected by malware than ^, especially if you don't install wine.

  • Probably a dumb question, but where do enter the discount code?
    Found it! Just click on the RE-OPEN THE MARLWAREBYTES WEBSITE link, the discount code option doesnt show if you have already added the Premium package to your cart before getting the discount code.

  • How much of a savings is this? Is Malwarebytes normally very expensive? I'm going to finally get this after pirating it for years, as I'd rather pay than be bothered to do all the cracking and stuff again.

  • Are we able to buy multiples and 'stack' these like a PS+ subscription?

    • You can purchase up to 5 licenses with the 4 year expiration (totaling ~$40AUD).

      • And is there a time limit for when you need to activate each one? Wonder whether the potential of executing at the end of each licence would work if you can't stack one on top of the other.

        • They are all activated at the same time. You are provided with one license key, which can be attached to max 5 devices (the number of licenses you purchased).

        • Someone can correct me if I'm wrong but from what I can tell, each license expires 4 years from the date of purchase, and not from when it's activated. So buying multiple licenses is the same as buying a license for multiple devices.

  • Anybody else stuck at "Confirming Student Status…" after clicking the link on the Malwarebytes website?
    edit: nm. Working.

  • Thank you Satirical. Paid with my Ben & Jerry's Virtual Visa Gift Card.

  • Do you guys think I should get an antivirus for my mac? I'm new to Mac and can't seem to figure out if mac needs antivirus? Before this Windows defender had me protected on Windows 10.

    • Mac is generally really good with preventing viruses. But at $8 you may as well, just in case you switch to PC in the future.

  • I bought a deal from ozbargain a few years ago for lifetime premium MB. After a year MB wanted me to pay again. Turned out that the reseller was not an authorized seller. MB ended up gaving me the lifetime licence

    • wow that's pretty great of them! duped btw

    • How much was it back then? They no longer do lifetime licenses and I'd imagine the keys are worth a fair bit online!

    • Something similar happened to me recently, but I didn't get the happy outcome. I needed to contact support about an issue and that's when the MB support rep informed me that my lifetime key had been purchased from an unauthorized reseller and she was unable to help me with my problem, then she deactivated my license… lol.

  • Thanks just brought two for mac and pc.

  • Thanks OP

    Don't tell anyone but I'm not actually a student

  • Cheers OP, great find!

  • Thanks OP, grabbed this bargain.

  • Just purchased it, Im abit skeptical i just gave the scan a run and it only took less than 5minutes to scan my whole laptop. Considering it took hours for previous protection. Is this a older or cheaper version?

    • Did you do a hyper scan?




      Time: 9m:32s

      Items Scanned: 721184


      Time: 9m:00s

      Items Scanned: 721310

      • Where is the hyperscan on premium? It just says click scan thats all. Cannot customise the different types of scans

        • If you're on a macOS there is only one scan type. If you're on Windows click the Scan tab on the left side menu, under Dashboard.

    • They're usually really quick scans for me too and I didn't buy this version. I'm guessing it's faster nowadays with all our SSD's? Not 100% sure.

    • From Malwarebytes FAQ:

      Customers often ask if Malwarebytes on Mac even scanned their computer, because it's over so quickly - less than a few seconds in some cases.

      Malwarebytes for Mac is not broken, though; it's really just that fast! The reason is that Malwarebytes is performing whats called a "quick scan." Rather than scanning the entire hard drive for files that are known to only be installed in specific locations, it simply looks for those things in those specific locations.

      For example, when looking for a specific Safari extension, it doesn't make sense to look for it in the Applications folder, or the System folder, or any of the various hidden Unix folders containing hundreds of thousands of files. >We only look for such a file where it makes sense to look: in Safari's Extensions folder. In this way, we not only keep Malwarebytes for Mac clean, lean and fast, but we also limit the possibilities for false positives.

    • my hyperscan takes 2minutes and scans 300K Objects
      that's on a pcie nvme

  • Awesome find, got 2! Thanks OP

  • If you have your own email domain, or work in Infosec or It sector you can apply for the TechBench.

    The applications are screened, but you get 5 technician (perpetual with partnership) licenses. Access to the other tools too.
    The license is good if you have your own small network: I've installed on my server and 2 endpoints, and my mobile.
    Then you can also start reselling licenses too.

    • I've been thinking about this as well. What does it mean by 40-72% Margins (based on volume)? and is it $375 a year or month?

      • You purchase bulk licenses, then sell them individually, or however you see fit. The more you buy the larger your discount, a higher profit margin for yourself.

        The Standard TechBench membership is good enough if your client base is home or small business.

        If you're dealing with malware everyday, or have a huge corporate ecosystem, then the Premium TechBench would be better.
        The 25 Licenses resold would cover the membership fee anyhow.
        You could sell them at $30, half the cost of what is asked on the site $87.99/Annual.. and make a profit.
        You just need 20+ friends. Which for Standard Nerds, is probably a huge ask. I have zero friends.

        • I could even buy bulk now and create an OzBargain Malwarebytes Sale

        • I forgot to mention that you also get access to the techbench forum area that has specialized discussion, remediation and support

        • You just need 20+ friends. Which for Standard Nerds, is probably a huge ask. I have zero friends.

          I feel you…

  • Bloody hell, just paid $89 for 2 single year licenses yesterday. Not that I have edu email address.

  • It looks like a scam to me. I paid my cash got an email address and password. went to malwarebytes and had to pick a place of education, I did then had to get my new email address verified. Went to microsoft mail logged in with new account and hit the verify link which only took me to student beans and requiring login with email address at which point the new edu email is rejected as an invalid email. Doh why do we bother chasing scams?

    • Worked fine for me.

      • Yeah eventually did for me but seeing that you responded now means I can't edit my post. I'll blame it on being a senior :o)

    • I think it's because you paid for a .edu e-mail which doesn't qualify for studentbean. I registered my Australian and Canadian e-mail accounts from actual educational institutions just fine. Though I suggest you to re-register/re-verify your account. You can register with whatever e-mail you want with studentbean. Just need a qualifying .edu account to verify the status. Just copy and paste links into the same tab in case you have some privacy controls with cookies that may be contributing to the problems.

      The $7.91 that you "pay" is actually a donation towards providing technology to the disadvantaged.

  • Thank you very much!

  • but you can keep generating codes without restrictions it seems.

    How do you keep generating codes ?

    Also getting stuck on "confirming student access", any solutions ?

  • Edit

    With a bit of fiddling (cache/region), I was able to produce a new code

  • Can someone help me purchase a key since I don't have a EDU email?? Will pay them $10

    • Having an EDU isn't the only way to join studentbeans. Do you have a 𝘁𝗮𝗳𝗲𝗻𝘀𝘄.𝗻𝗲𝘁.𝗮𝘂 address, or do you know anybody in TAFE that can sort you out? They can purchase a key for up to 5 devices using the same code.. so they probably wouldn't mind adding one or two for you for US$5ea.

  • My family has been using Norton Antivirus for years.Can anyone tell me what the benefits and differences are between MalwareBytes and Norton and whether it's worth switching?

    • Breaking it down: Anti-virus protects against malicious software (malicious code). These days many security suites incorporate a firewall, which protects against the transmission of malicious code out in the wild and on to your computer. All of the major AV companies have internet security software (which is now the general market standard compared to when the internet wasn't mainstream accessible to everyone). Unless you are constantly torrenting pr0n or Game of Pr0nes, Norton subscription should be adequate.
      The other factors to take in to consideration are Gaming Performance.
      The security suites available all have different impact on gaming performance. I stopped using Norton in Primary school when it interfered with playing Quake and Command and Conquer on Windows 95.
      Things are vastly different now.
      Be cautious when looking at internet review sites. Some are sponsored.



      • Malwarebytes is the preferred choice in the technical community. I find the big brand name software too heavy. Also these days you have Windows Defender (Windows 10) - this now scores as high as the big brands and has come a loooong way from the old days were it was considered crap.

        • I was using bitdefender back in 2004 it was solid as a replacement for avg and norton… then i met dirty people, and it let through vundo… so i switched to kaspersky… but it was shit for counterstrike… so i went eset. because at the time, it was the only av with a game mode. trend and symantec used to suck the juice playing games waybackwhen.
          when i have to do a cleanup (which is usually someone elses computer), mbam and trend's hijack this are in my bag of tools.

  • Not sure if this has any benefit for me. I have a lifetime Malwarebytes Pro code from 4 years ago, where it was $30 for lifetime.

    Not sure if the new version is any better.

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