Best Television under $1000 in 2019

Can be any type of TV. Whether it'd be smart or android tv, OLED 4k whatever.

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    Hisense 50P7
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    Sony Bravia KDL43W660F
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    TCL 65P4USM


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    Hisense 55p7, sony 55" x70f and samsung 55" u7100 are all often under $1000 and are all pretty close in performance

    The only OLED under $1k would be the Kogan one

    Are you looking to make a purchase or just curious on opinions?


      thanks for the advice mate, the samsung looks really nice but can't seem to find it under 1000. A bit of both, might be buying this month


        I’ve checked the expired ozbargain listings and all 3 have been under $800 recently. Hang out for the EOFY deals and they should be back under. The Hisense was a low as $720+ delivery

        Here's the links to related deals to see the previous sale prices:
        samsung 2019 version


    TCL 65E19US is $995 in store at TGG, Bing Lee etc. 10% cheaper on ebay with code.


    Hisense seem to offer the best sub-$1000 options. In saying that, their OLED can dip to a fraction over your budget when on sale. Since more and more content is utilising HDR, the greater contrast ratio from an OLED panel would be worth waiting a little longer and marginally stretching the budget.

    Ideally, you then wouldn’t have any pressing need to upgrade again, until you’re looking at 8K, MicroLED, or a yet to be announced tech.


    i use one of the biggest and well known TV comparison website.

    just be away some overseas models might have a different name in Australia

    i bought the Sony X900F because of Rtings, in australia this model is the X90F


    Hi - i am looking to buy the 55inch X90F, seems like this is the best price i can buy, has anyone bought from here before and know whether they are reliable?

    Slightly offtopic but didnt want to start an ew thread.


      I think they are a pretty good all round tv. Not OLED but not an ordinary led LCD either. Full array dimming. I was thinking of getting One my self.
      Check with hardly normal on Facebook chat, ask them if any stores have stock. You may get One cheap.

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