Non Paying Bidder on eBay (Made Sale Last Night No Response Yet)

Hello all,

I made a sale last night on eBay, went through the motions, and have had zero response from bidder. They have no prior feedback. It seems to me like they have no intention to pay up, but generally speaking, how long should you give someone before you officially retract deal, relist, etc?

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    There is another thread about eBay website currently having issues at the moment.


    I think buyer has 7 days to pay

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    They have 4 days to pay. You're being very unreasonable and impatient. Maybe your buyer hasn't responded because they have a life outside of their phone.
    You should wait at least 3 days before hassling them for payment.

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      You're entitled to think I'm being impatient, just as I am entitled to think they are being rude. But with zero feedback, and they seemingly just created their account, it's really hard to take them seriously.

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        It has been one day.
        Not one week.
        Not one month.
        One day.

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          I know, I told you that. But as the first comment proved, with evidence, I'm entitled to make a claim after 2. So it wasn't unreasonable to ask.


            @Mik: Yes that’s true…on the US site.
            eBay Australia gives you 4 days. Evidence here
            Even if it was 2 days, like in the USA, you are still being impatient expecting payment within one day.
            Many people who buy on eBay Australia bid on things, then wait until pay day to pay for them.
            Also their feedback is irrelevant. In my many years of selling on eBay, I’ve found zero feedback buyers pay more often than the ones with lots of feedback.


              @Super Kami Dende: Not just payment…. Communication. Of any sort. Even if he said "can I pay next week", that would be fine. But no communication at all.

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                @Mik: facepalm x 1000

                Next you’ll be hassling them for feedback the minute you drop the item off at the post office.

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                  @Super Kami Dende: Facepalm all you want, hopefully you'll smack some sense into yourself and actually comprehend my concern.

                  And when your response to a legit point is baseless mockery, you make yourself look bad. I'm done arguing with you.

                  But thanks for the link regarding Australian protocol. That bit was actually helpful.

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                    @Mik: Your concern being that you put an item up for auction, instead of buy it now with immediate payment required (which you can do, btw hint hint), then got upset because you’re speculating that the buyer won’t pay based on…nothing.

                    I get your concern, I’m just saying you are impatient for expecting a response from a buyer within a day of the auction ending. While it may be courteous to do so, it is not the buyer’s duty to tell you when they are going to pay until the 4 day mark is up. Put your items as buy it now with immediate payment required if you want payment/ a response straight away.

                    How about you make a poll to clear up any remaining confusion? eg: Am I being impatient for expecting payment or contact for an item I sold on eBay less than 24 hours ago?


    lol….not everyone is on the Internet 24/7

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