Samsung S9 Screen Glass Protector Installed in Store

So after damaging my S7 edge screen (on the edge) I am determined to keep my S9 screen protected, I tried a cheap one off ebay, no good. So I spent $35 on a proper one that they installed in store, took about 10 mins (generic phone place in a shopping centre).

The protector is superb, installed nicely etc etc BUT it has a thin black line running down both edges which loses a bit of the screen, you can see the screen before and after the black line, which is bloody annoying!

I returned to the store and complained however they told me this is the only option for these glass protectors the black strip is where the glue is and otherwise if it were completely clear glass you would see the glue instead of the black line which would look worse. Obviously I want the protection so I walked away and said "Disappointing, but whatever…"

I wondered if anyone has any similar issues or any advice on something better.. if so i'll be going back to get a refund.


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    Look up Whitestone Dome screen protectors. Uses liquid as the adhesive and it covers the whole screen rather than just the edges. Costs a fair bit more though.

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    I haven't had a Samsung since the s8, but the full screen protectors used to cause ghost touches but I was at tk-maxx on the weekend, and they were selling a liquid one


    Using a 360 silicon (front and back) on my S8 without any screen glass film for over a year. Have had no issues …

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    I'm of the opinion that a good dual layer case with a lip overlapping the screen is more likely to protect your phone than a glass screen protector.


      I had a decent spigen on my S7 Edge with the overhang top & bottom, doesnt help you if you drop it sideways unfortunately.


        You just have all the luck, don't you.

        I used to have Spigen cases, but the only one I would trust for real protection is the Tough Armor.


    I have an S8 that had a normal plastic stick on screen protector with Tech21 case, my partners S8 had a rubber type screen protector and flip case..
    My one started to lift and looked terrible, my partners one perfectly good, but she also had a flip case and when she dropped it one day it landed face down with the flip case open and smashed the top LH 1/4 of the screen, even with the rubber type screen protector.

    I recently replaced mine with one of the glass curved screen protectors and while the glass was clear all over, once applied there is a slight black line all around, i.e. where the glue sticks to the screen, but I don't have any worries with it, it does not hinder the view.

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