Under Armour Semi-Annual Event up to 40% off UA Roam Paclite Jacket $160 down from $270 (Free Express Delivery over $49)


Hey guys, we got our semi-annual event going on right now, a lot of discounted products as we come near the end of our clothing season. I'm not a representative of the online store but feel free to ask me anything and I'll do my best to help! Enjoy!

Ua Roam Paclite Jacket $160

UA Accelerate Terrace Jacket $120

UA Vanish Gradient Polo $75

UA Fusion Pants $75

Mens Athlete Recovery 1/2 zip Hoodie $65

UA Perpetual Insulated Joggers $90

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    Under Armour has become a bit like super dry - not the greatest product for a super expensive price these sale items probably cost 5-15$ to make but are sold or a 1500% mark up…

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      They are spending gazillion on marketing, so yeah…


      Hey mate, don't let that get in the way of giving some of the stuff another chance! You can always return it within 30 days if you're not satisfied :)


      I'd be amazed if a single one of the jackets, shoes and shirts I looked at cost them more than $4.


      I loved Under Armor products before they became a popular brand, but all the prices of everything went up triple since they became synonymous with Adidas or Nike.

      Quality remained about the same though, just gotta buy items when they go on sale to normal prices


    Site seems to have jacked up prices, before applying the discount. For example, these boots had been sitting on the site at $160 for the last 3-4 weeks, and now they have jacked it to its RRP of $230, before selling it at a ‘discounted’ price of $130!

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      They have been sitting at $160 discounted from $230. They've just further discounted it to $135 for the semi annual event. Similar to the 1/2 zip hoodie I linked. It was sitting at 75 but further discounted to $65


        Yeah, so why not quote the discount from $160. Inflating the price to $230 when you haven’t been selling it at that price is a little shifty

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          I'm not a representative for the online store but the RRP gas always been $230. It's still following the definition of a recommended retail price. It hasn't been inflated just because they've decided to mark it down further

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            @mistararrar: It’s inflated from what it has been actually selling for - I.e. it’s giving the impression that the discount is much larger than it actually is. Here is the ACCC’s view - read the section titled ‘Misleading Pricing’. The first bullet point describes exactly what has happened on the UA website!

            PS. I know you are not a representative of the online site.

            PSS. When I say ‘inflated’ I am relating it to the discount. I am not saying you have a new and inflated RRP.

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    Was looking at compression gear and the long sleeve HeatGear men's top is currently $18 cheaper at rebel sport - https://www.rebelsport.com.au/search?q=Under+Armour+compress...


    Couldn't buy anything after I make 3 purchase in 15 min window using the amex deal.

    Account /name/address all banned …
    No more shopping at UA for me I guess

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