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i had ebay plus for a few months now and everytime i buy something and it says "ebay plus" on the sale. i have no idea what im actually saving or what benefits im getting from it. (using the app)

it will say ebay plus and above that it will say "free shipping" but if i search the same product with a non ebay plus account. that same item is free shipping regularly and also the same price.

so when using ebay plus it never tells me if im getting free shipping for the item, or free returns for the item or a cheaper price for the item. it just has "ebay plus" stamped on it and thats all.

out of all the things ive bought with ebay plus i dont actually know how much ive saved, if anything.
(except that 2 for 1 sd card deal somone posted)

out of the many thousands of things ive bought off ebay. i have never had to return anything. and i woudlnt anyway because most things are under $15.
so is ebay plus worth it just for the "free returns"? because i would rather just get a refund.

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    I have eBay Plus and last week for instance, there was a deal for 15% off sitewide instead of the non-plus 10% off… That's one benefit in recent times… I have to admit I thought I would get more free shipping deals, too, but I haven't compared these as you did to see if the shipping wasn't free to begin with.


    Free returns, that came in handy for me once in a while even though Paypal also does refunded returns (seems to be a lengthy process ) . Also returning based on change of mind (IIRC)

    Generally I look for an item on ebay plus, buy using a card with price protection then claim the difference anyway. But I probably wouldn't renew this year and go for Amazon Prime instead.


      PayPal refunded returns is as easy as clicking, "Request return shipping refund" for the PayPal transaction and filling out a few details. The last time I did it, I submitted the request and it was approved later that day.


    You have to open the listing signed out to see the regular cost of post, you are correct in saying it is often free. I do this with a incognito tab. It's also on your PayPal invoice after purchasing.

    I've used the free returns a couple of times. It's quicker in that you can simply initiate the return and print the postage label as opposed to requesting the return, waiting for seller to respond and organise return postage (which you may have to pay for depending on seller's policy).

    I've probably made good use of my Plus subscription but I can see may not.