Ergolux Ergonomic Chairs @ Kogan?

Anyone have some thoughts on these chairs? Looking for a reasonably priced ergonomic chair that encourages good posture and is comfortable.

They look good, but no info about them online.



    You should really go to a furniture store and try out chairs in person before buying.
    I generally like a mesh back to avoid too much heat, but the seat should provide cushioning plenty of ass cushioning.

    As for posture in general though, a lot of this is on you. No chair can save you. Try to be like figure 3
    - Make sure your desk, monitor and chair are the correct heights.
    - Feet flat on the floor.
    - Get up and walk for 5 minutes every hour
    - Stretch
    - If possible, do some strength training to keep your back strong.

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    You should really go to a furniture store and try out chairs in person before buying.

    I've tired this in the past and it doesn't help. You don't notice issues you'll have until you've sat in it for en extended period. A few minutes isn't enough to get a good idea.

    Regardless, I'm not looking for posture advice/tips. I'm well aware of of the points you brought up. I'm simply asking if anyone has experience with the ergolux ergonomic chairs.


      Take some work in there and work for an hour.

      IME if you are using a seat for hours a day it's false economy and bad for posture (and back) to buy cheap chairs.

      I know spending a grand on a task seat is a large amount of money but it's the same price as buying a $200 every two years for a decade.

      The $200 chair is not going to be adjustable and half of it's life it's going to look like crap. It won't be that comfortable.

      The $1000 task seat, if you bought a Steelcase Leap for example, is what businesses buy to avoid employee lawsuits due to being injured by seating posture. It's supremely comfortable and has a 12 year warranty minimum.

      You can pick them up secondhand for much less.

      There are also other brands to try.

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