Is The Trunk Release Lever Complusory in Australia??

Hello everyone, the lever i am talking about is the one usually near the petrol cap lever or near the driver side door, not the emergency one.

I can not seem to fully understand the legislation, but is it required by law to have one.

Thanks in advance

Edit* sorry forgot to mention, either a lever or a eletronic button or anything to open the trunk from inside of the vehicle.

Edit* i have a kia cerato 2019 hatchback base model, the only trunk release button near the reversing camera is not working, and the manual boot release requires you to insert something to release, therefore i have no other lever or button to release the trunk.


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    Lever? Newer cars seem to just have an electronic button.


    Needs to have some mechanism. That may be a pull strap, latch, "lever"…

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      Inside the trunk, definitely. What about in the car, accessible to the driver?
      I think that's the question they're asking.

      I would love a pull strap near the driver's seat though. Something you can really yank on to fling the hell out of the trunk door and terrify whoever is putting away the groceries.
      Electronic buttons are for wimps.

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        "Captain, they're gaining on us."

        "We're carrying too much weight. Jettison the cargo!"


        Also, all my cars have a manual release mechanism directly on the boot so I don't see a reason that it be mandatory to have one next to driver.

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    I'll have to watch Wolf Creek again to see.


    Gonna go out on a limb and say no. No evidence to back this up other than having a relatively recent car (SUV) which does not have a boot release in the main part of the car.


    For something to be made mandatory, it has to contribute significantly to the safe operation of the vehicle and/or prevention of injury.

    If anything, the lever/button would be a hazard.

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    No its been given the BOOT.


    I don't think my VW Golf has a button or lever inside to release the trunk - only on the key fob.

    My old Toyota Avalon did have a button inside the glove box, presumably so those breaking into the car couldn't open the boot if the glove box was locked.

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    I can't even fit an elephant in my car.

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    Off topic

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    Sorry old man what the hell is a "trunk"

    Really sorry…. honest …..but this is Australia and we are fair dinkum true blue aussies..

    We will not be influenced by bastardisation of the queens english by certain people north of mexico.

    Our cars have a boot if that is what is meant


      Yep trunk. The opposite end of the car to the hood. The hood of course is between the fenders and under the fenders is the tires.

      Of course our pick up trucks (that get low miles to the gallon) don’t have a trunk and neither do minivans.


    Have had several cars that had varying types of boot (Or hatch or tailgate) release. Latest ones have been button or lever on the outside of the tailgate, locked by central locking with nothing else. Previously one had a button on the key fob or button in near the driver - that was a pain as you needed to get the keys out or go to the front door. Older cars have been key from outside or lever from inside. I suspect that modern power tailgates have no actual lever, just a remote button in case the ‘swipe your foot’ doesn’t work.

    End of the day it is about convenience as long as thee is a manual release from the inside in case you get locked in.