4WD Tyres. Best Deals Available?

So anyone got any info on getting the best deal for a set of 4wd tyres? ie. Toyota LandCruiser 200 series

All comments welcome


  • What terrain? Are you gonna flex up at the local Coles and soccer field, or are you going off road?

    What size wheels?

    • Yep, there is a huge difference between HT/AT/MT.

      I think my AT (Hankook) are due for a change, but I'm looking for something more aggressive. I'd love some MT that you can put some decent road mileage on.

      I'm also going to upsize I think.

  • Mud terrains? All terrains? Are you OK with Chinese tyres (e.g. Goodride, Winrun)?


    Going up a size and MT. The tyres will be noisy, increase you fuel around 2 litres per 100k and your torque converter will not lock up as easy. (if you have an auto)

    MTs are not for road use. We have ATs for general road use and a set of wheels with MTs when we need them.

  • Pulling caravan East to West starting in QLD…. as stated Toyota LandCruiser 200 series.

    It's the sites, places and clubs a member of to get a better deal on quality tyres, I am after.


      Are you going the hard way or the easy way?

    • Yet you still haven't mentioned what kind of tyres you actually want. How about you fully read other people's posts?

  • The last set I bought was from a tyre place in Perth and I then picked them up direct from Toyo here in Sydney. Was ~$150 per tyre better than the best price I could find in Sydney. Nice saving for a bit of running around.

  • I waited for a deal I could stack. Got Amex cash back, got the buy 3 get one free Hankook when Bob Jane had them on special. Got 4 fitted for like $550, then sold crap, stock HTs on car for $300.

  • Lotsa tyres on Facebook marketplace/gumtree.

    • Are they reliable?

      • Dunno.
        I'd check the date code. I'd keep to less than 3 years old. Check for cracks. Check for tread remaining. Some manufactures specify how much tread depth their tyres have.

        I've sold second hand tyres that were off my new car because I changed them to other ones on the day I picked up the car. So the buyer got new tyres for half price

  • A set of Grandtrek AT22 is about ~$1270.

  • Price Match against Tempe tyres?

  • So initially Bridgestone would do "less than $383" a corner for Duellers but would not honour their promo deal of $100 cashback as they said it was a double discount!
    The sales person put together a great package, booked in but his BOSS pulled the pin on the deal, as per phonecall received!
    Even though buying 9 X tyres!

    So went to Kmart on principal and got them to price match at $382 a corner.

    Next issue, the wheel alignment that is a known issue on the 200 series. It pulls left and the Kmart guys tried 5 times to get it right with no success.
    It has been raised via Lovells suspension company.
    Had recommended fulcrumsuspensions.com.au to provided an aftermarket bar that corrects the wheel alignment issue.
    This is being done next week!

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