iPad for High School: Plan or Buy Outright?

I’m on a tight budget with 3 kids, one already in high school with my old ipad mini (cracked screen), one about to start high school so not sure what the best option would be. I’m not sure at the moment how I’ll go with buying one outright but also don’t want to be regretting getting into a contract!
(Not a 32gb)
My question is; Which iPad plan would you get? Is there a certain time of the year I should wait for sales or apple releases wise?



    The iPad 6th gen (128gb) at optus with 30gb per month for $40.50 ($972) vs outright at $799 at apple.

    A wifi only version is $519 at officeworks and they do Zip/Afterpay if you prefer..

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    Maybe take out insurance cover with it. Just read the PDS first to see what cover is for cracked screen, including any excess

    E.g. something like this


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      The included Optus insurance I think was an additional $14 per month. If you've got a couple of iPads on contract, it actually becomes cheaper to write off a broken/stolen device and just add another on contract.

      Had to do this recently - iPad was stolen from our shop, that we use for our till. Easiest and cheapest option was to pickup another in town a couple of days later. It costs us another $35 per month, but that's less than ($14 X 5 = $70) for the cost of insurance - we've still got enough 'buffer' for another replacement if we need it later.

      Of course, if you've only got one iPad the sums work out differently, so YMMV.


    Optus' iPad deals are rather good - I'm not an Apple man, but we've now got a fleet's worth at work on various $35 to $40 odd plans. You're basically paying $40 for 13Gb of data per month (shared between them + mobiles, over 100Gb now!) and getting an iPad for free.

    The last two that came out of contract meant we have two spare 5th gens, with the 6th gens now on contract - more data (10->13Gb) AND less cost ($42->$35) per month! If we didn't use the old ones we could sell them without an issue to benefit cashflow.


    Why do you need an ipad on a plan?

    If it's for school…..

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      A plan allows you to pay off the cost of the iPad over 12 or 24 months as opposed to a lump sum.


      Paying off over 24 months i guess vs paying outright, I don’t have the funds currently to get one outright and not sure when I will. Also sometimes there are plans where it’s not so much more expensive than buying outright and kid entering high school doesn’t have a phone so i thought it could replace it if needed to contact family etc

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    I had an iPad in school and I thought it was a total waste. Unless the school specifies you definitely need an iPad for certain apps, why not consider a chromebook or laptop? You'd get more productivity from that I would assume

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      You make me feel old


      My kid in year 7 has a laptop but the school (even his primary school) wants an iPad specifically for apps also as it’s what’s used by all students as if it’s like uniform or something SMH I would rather none of these electronics at all. These costs should be a warning to new parents to only have one child from now on!


        Yep, my kids will need iPads from grade 3 on. I've heard of other schools that make it a requirement from prep.

        If it's compulsory, shouldn't the government be helping to fund them?

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