Parcel Forwarding from Indonesia? (Redmi Note 7)

Hi all,
This may come off as somewhat silly, but I am looking to get a Redmi Note 7 forwarded from Indonesia to Australia. According to , the Indonesian/Vietnamese/Filipino/Malaysian variant (APAC) of the Redmi Note 7 has band 28 (700mhz). The 4Gb/64Gb variant comes out to 2,600,000 rupiah, which is about $260 AUD. It is currently in stock at the official Indonesian Mi Website.

Does anyone know of any reputable parcel forwarders in Indonesia?




    Cheap flights to Bali would be better for you. No such service (parcel forwarder) exist in Indonesia that I know of


    I'm indonesian myself, just search from IG there are lots of people offering service to bring Indonesian goods to Australia for some commissions. One of my friends who are currently on vacation in Indonesia also offering this service and will be back in a couple of weeks. I can tell your her IG if you're interested.


    wat is IG?