Looking for Recommendations for Home Security Camera Systems

Hello All,

I am looking for recommendations for home security camera systems. I was considering Swann but I didn't find good reviews online. Could you please recommend from your experience.




    Budget and do you want local or cloud storage. Also how long do you want to store the video for?

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    Dahua or hikvision. Don't buy Swann it's crap.


    Provision-isr if you want a good affordable brand.


    I have Arlo Pro 2 because I didn't want to run wires. I'm satisfied. Battery life better than I expected, field of view is good, night vision works well enough, app is easy to use, free cloud storage for a week. For cons I feel the motion sensor doesn't always trigger recording for movement on the edges of the view (minor issue), they can be easily stolen which is not a problem for where I have them but something to consider if you are installing them in a busy area where they can easily be reached.


    You've provided absolutely no information on your requirement.