Ausdroid Reporting Huawei P30s Possibly Displaying Unwarranted Adverts on Lock Screens

The Article in question

Just curious if anyone on the wonderful OzBargains has experienced this? I know it's an oft talked about device, so it could be a sign of the times for Hauwei's acceptance on this website.

Edit to add, the article suggests you'll possibly experience this but only if you're on the latest updated OS.

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    Experienced it but I'm not worried
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    I've noticed two ads over the last few days.

  • adverts on my mate 20 pro in the last few days.



    settings>home screen & wallpaper>magazine unlock = toggle off

    Magazine unlock is a Huawei feature and they can do what they please with it, including advertise on it. The contention point is yes Huawei can advertise what they wish on their platform but they shouldn't be advertising businesses on other people's personal devices without their knowledge or consent. THAT is where they are crossing the line.

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      Hey I mean, as long as you say they can do what they want of it, this behaviour just isn't something to worry about, right?


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