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What apps do people recommend for tracking receipts (Android)? From Google, the most recommended ones are full blown financial apps for tracking expenses as a business.

I want a simple app that I can take a photo of the receipt, autoscan or manually add a label (e.g. store name), and have it stored in the Cloud. Web GUI would be great too.

What does everyone use for capturing receipts? Sick of Google photos, scanning to email, etc.


  • I use Expensify hooked up to Quickbooks.

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    Q "take a photo of the receipt, autoscan or manually add a label (e.g. store name), and have it stored in the Cloud. Web GUI would be great too."

    A google drive. you dont even need to print the pdf and later scan it, can save straight to drive

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      There is a google drive widget that opens the camera and saves it into a folder of your choosing. It works well.

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    I use an app called "Receipts" by Wave. Take photo - it scans the receipt itself, analyses the contents, categorises it and stores it in the cloud. I use it on my iPhone but I'm not sure if it's for Android too?

    • Wow, that looks real good. Does it back things up online or is it local?

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      I use their invoicing app and have found it excellent – good recommendation

    • Seems perfect, however i can't search by the notes field which is unfortunate.

      Is going to get messy if i dont remember the store i bought something from.

  • I use 'Mobile Doc Scanner + OCR' by Stoik Soft, it comes up free occasionally. Scan any document, scan many pages etc, i can share to numerous places in the cloud and into folders, i.e. receipts, kids awards, etc..

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      wouldn't office lens be better

      • hate office lens so much.

        • why?

          • @follow: just so clunky. also forces me to open in word.

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              @Zazer: are you saving it as a word doc? i select mine to save as a pdf or image and it's fine.

      • Dont know, haven't used it, but this works very well and picked up the paid version while on a free program. But will check it out

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    Would store honour warranty if all i have is scanned receipt / digital copy?

  • i have the same question as OzFrugie

    thanks :)

    • they encourage people to take photo or scan as receipts fade over time.

      • this is interesting because technically scanned receipt can be shared around the internet lol ..


          Businesses can ask you for proof of purchase
          To use your rights to a repair, replacement or refund you will need to keep the receipt or other type of proof of purchase.

          A receipt can come in the form of a:

          a GST tax invoice or
          a cash register or hand written receipt.

          Other types of proof of purchase include:

          credit or debit card statement
          a lay-by agreement
          a receipt or reference number given for phone or internet payments
          a warranty card showing the supplier’s or manufacturer’s details and the date and amount of the purchase
          a serial or production number linked with the purchase on the supplier’s or manufacturer’s database
          a copy or photograph of the receipt.

          The Australian Consumer Law does not describe what sufficient proof of purchase is. Sometimes you may need to provide more than one of these things to support your claim. However, as long as you can reasonably demonstrate that you purchased an item, a business may be breaking the law if it denies your right to a refund, repair or replacement for an item that fails to meet a consumer guarantee.

          Businesses are not required to provide you with a refund or replacement if you simply change your mind.

  • It would be incredibly shaky ground for them to try and refuse it.

  • Hi Would anyone know what app or scanner I could use to scan long grocery receipts ?

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