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1-Year Special Deal for Australia US $11.88 (US $0.99/Mth) @ PureVPN


No VPN deal gets any better than this!

Grab the 1-Year Special Deal for Australia
Get PureVPN
Save 91%
1 Year
Deal Of The Year $0.99/m $11.88 Billed First Year
Pay only $11.88 while subscribing to the 1-year plan!
The recurring will be charged at $69.95 next year.

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  • Cant comment if PureVPN is any good but cant complain about the price.

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      I use PureVPN mostly because their Chrome addon allows me to access Hulu and Netflix US unbelievably easily. Been using PureVPN for almost 4 years now for torrents and streaming and been very happy with the VPN and their customer support team (chat support).

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    Can we combine with cashback

  • Still too expensive for this painful VPN. ;)

  • I have recently started a 5 year plan with PureVPN after finishing a 3 year plan.
    I have had no issues with PureVPN over the past few years. Speeds are reasonable nothing amazing. The Firefox and Chrome addons work well on Windows laptops. The apps on Android phones also work fine. I don't think it's ever been offline. They also have a huge selection of countries and locations. That's a rip snorter of a price for 12 months, just make sure you don't click on auto renew membership as you'll go onto a premium price thereafter.

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      based in Hong Kong (ie: China)

      A subsidiary of Huawei .

      Tell Trump

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      Looks to be based in Hong Kong (ie: China)

      Hong Kong isn't under complete Chinese jurisdiction.

      But regardless this is a good feature given the attacker is the Australian Government who will attack with 100% certainty.

      Firstly they bypass Australian law to collect all content using the Five Eyes intelligence sharing agreement.


      and secondly they legally collect all metadata


      The first feature a VPN should have is being outside of any jurisdiction that is aligned with the Australian Government and the safest place is Australia's enemies because the Government is the entity that's attacking.

      • Hong Kong isn't under complete Chinese jurisdiction.


  • do any work with usa netflix

    • Works for me

    • PureVPN offer a Google Chrome addon which allows access to Netflix USA and Hulu to name a few. Never had an issue. I think they also have a guarantee on their Chrome extension.

  • Looking for something for Hulu. Will this work? Or any other recommendations please?

    • +1

      I use PureVPN Google Chrome extension to access Hulu and have been watching Hulu for about 12 months now. Chrome addon also works with Netflix USA.

      • Thank You

  • I bought it, speeds seen okay so far but I'll give it a year to see. You'll have to make a support ticket to ask them to turn off auto renew of credit card

    • +2

      Also got a Cash rewards lol, Expected Cashback
      AUD 4.84 from $17.17 credit card charge

    • +1

      I also expecting $4.84 cashback from CashReward đź‘Ť

      • How do you get the special offer price from Cashreward click? It took me to the regular pricing

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          After clicking through CashReward, go to the URL from "Go to deal" button above from the CashReward page.

  • No harm in trying it out, thanks for sharing OP.

  • Please put the currency in the title.

  • Just signed up! Thanks OP! :)

  • I've been using this for about 2 months. Mainly for P2P. Works great. Netflix USA no issues either.

    Uptime record was 14 days until it disconnected/reconnected in like max 2 mins. Has a built in kill switch or just use your firewall to ensure your IP doesn't leak.

  • How are you guys paying for these services? Prepaid cards? just asking from an anonymity point of view. Thanks

  • Tested it today. When connected to US server I get average 40mbps download on 100mbps NBN. Not too bad.

  • PureVPN can't be trusted


    Court documents reveal that logs, obtained by the FBI from privacy service PureVPN, helped the prosecution. Until now, PureVPN had always maintained it carried no logs - almost.

  • Use PureVPN only for bypassing geoblocks on streaming services, never for security or privacy.

    A recent court case in Massachusetts has once again proven that some VPN services with “zero log” policies are indeed keeping logs and handing this information over to authorities.

    Law enforcement vs “no logs”

    PureVPN was recently caught red-handed.
    The Department of Justice just published a complaint involving a cyberstalking case. The case involved a US resident who was allegedly stalking and harassing people while using PureVPN.
    The relevant section of the complaint appears at the bottom of page 22 …

    While it is difficult to determine exactly what details these “records” (logs) contained, it is clear that enough information was provided for law enforcement officials arrest the PureVPN user on cyberstalking charges.

    The FBI complaint above clearly appears to contradict the PureVPN privacy policy – notably this section here:


    On Reddit:

    Just a quick warning to everyone. PureVPN claims on their site that they keep no logs of your activity but in a recent case the FBI requested and got logs of activity from one of their users. Source - https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/cyberstalking-suspect-arrested-after-vpn-providers-shared-logs-with-the-fbi/


    PureVPN was caught logging customer data for the FBI. They've since been audited and claim to be a no-log VPN

    On Techspot


    And plenty of other proof online (all you have to do is google it) that PureVPN has lied to their customers in the past, and while now they claim to be independently audited, should be approached with caution.

  • -1

    Use PureVPN only for bypassing geoblocks on streaming services, never for security or privacy.

    That goes for all commercial VPNs.

    Nut this deal is still going if anyone is interested. It seems when a VPN company has an unbelievable sale, it seems to indicate they've been caught with their pants down. But for geo-relocation or even torrenting, they should be fine.

  • Been looking for a VPN that allows port forwarding (for p2p) with decent speeds. Looks like this is expired.

  • And 5yr deal - https://www.purevpn.com/pages/5ydeal
    I don't use them, just noticed this in the popup.

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