Made to Order Shirts in Melbourne

Does anyone have any recommendations for made to order / fitted shirts in Melbourne?

Having some difficulty finding a shirt that will fit my neck and short arms at the same time.



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    Don't know about having shirts made in Melbourne but is it something you could have made to order from an eBay store (probably based in Asia but) if measurements are supplied…. just a thought?


    I've had some suits and shirts made by Sarti Tailors and was happy with how they turned out.


    Hubby got shirts made up in China with one of the well rated Etsy stores. Heaps of sellers to choose from - he picked one where a few giant reviewers left photos of the products as he could see the results for fellow giants.

    Maybe look around and pick one where you're happy with the reviews/photos.

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    Tm Lewin or Charles Tyrwhitt, custom made shirts, just keep an eye out for their specials, and you can get them cheap

    Tm lewin has 5 shirts for 199 at the moment, pretty good for fully tailored

    Just need to get someone to measure you.

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    Look into Tailors Mark. Australian company started by Melbourne blokes. They do great work and will fit your requirements. (I went to school with one of the directors many eons ago.)


    I'm also keen into getting the same shirts. I will do my research and get back here.