Negotiating for a 'Rare' new VW Van.

Hi guys

Looking at getting a VW transporter 4 motion soon. I've always bought second hand so have not experienced negotiating when it comes to new cars so need advice please!

The problem is that this particular can with the 4wd is super uncommon, very few come into Australia and you have to wait for them to be shipped. I'm not sure how much we can get the price down since they will have no overstock issues etc. Or even of eofy deals is a thing with a model like this?

Any tips would be appreciated.


  • Doubt there would be many wanting that model or spec. Go low and hold firm. At the end of the day if it is the only model you want you will probably have to fork out the extra. Don't trade in or get finance from dealer. Go in with your own finance or cash even better and say this is what I want to pay.

  • Use a broker and see what price they get. If decent, use them otherwise use their price as a benchmark

    • Use their price as a benchmark? Last time I used Autoexpert (Cadogan) and they plan me off to a broker called “Georgie”. After waiting for them to get back to me, I ended up with “retail price” as their offer. So it’s wast hard to beat that benchmark.

      • I had a similar experience with Private Fleet - they came back with a retail quote! When I pointed it out to them, they gave me som e crap about EOFY and this was the best price. I ended up getting it for what I wanted by haggling. The car dealer told me that with brokers they do offer it to them for $1000s less, but that does not necessarily get passed on the the consumer. It's apparently how they make their money, which makes sense as the token $100 fee the brokers charge wouldn't be making them a lot of money.

  • Buy a rare one need to mind for the future maintainance cost as the part may be rare and need special order

    • Duly noted, thanks for the tip. It's just a Transporter but the 4wd aspect is the U usual part of it, for some reason very few opt for the feature. So 8 think it will just be usual VW pricing for the most part?

  • Do you need the 4wd? Keep in mind, it's not going to be a capable off-road weapon, it's still a van. Low ground clearance too. If you're looking to make some sort of campervan that can tackle gravel roads/snow, fair enough, but if not you might not need it.

    Also keep in mind the options from Japan - can get a luxurious 4wd can from mitsi, not new though.

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