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Goes well with the Samsung deal S10 MagCase down to $40 USD (~$59 AUD)

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    These look nice. Anyone using them?

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      Used one for iPhone 8 and it was perfect if you want a thin case without feeling like you have a case.
      Ultra thin and quite grippy. Perfect for my needs because I don't drop my phone but still wanted to avoid scuffs.
      The standard Magcase may not be the best option if you tend to drop your phone (only the pro has thicker and all round coverage).

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      I have one for my S8 and also have the Qi car mount (although haven't tried the charging feature of it yet). I can confirm that wireless charging works flawlessly with the case (it's not any more sensitive with how you position the phone on the pad or anything, it works as if there was no case) and the car mount is great, no issues.

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      I have one on my Note 8. Very nice case, my usual go-to, but it doesn't provide a whole lot of drop protection. Nice and grippy, feels very thin and looks good, but hard to recommend if you drop your phone often.

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      I have one on my Note 8 and also the Qi Mount. Holds and Charges well.

      Also have a Ravmount desk wireless charger, works with it too.

      Not much drop protection but I've dropped my phone multiple times and it has the protected the phone well.
      In fact the case itself has held up well too and it wasn't until the last drop on concrete which put a few scratches in the corner of the case but apart from that the case is still in one piece. Phone is still 100% and yes I do and have had to replace the screen protector from the drops.

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