How to Make XB1X Be Covered under 28D Shoppers Protection?

Is it better to buy the console itself or a bundle?

Would buying a bundle mean I can only claim the price reduction on bundles in the future? Which is more likely to be reduced? And does the policy cover games as well?



    How does it work?

    If you buy an item in Australia with your 28 Degrees Platinum Mastercard and within 12 months the item is available at a lower price in the same retailer or any other Australian retailer, we'll pay the difference between the purchase price and the lower price to your account.

    This also applies to items you buy:

    for someone else as a gift, and
    through a mail/telephone order catalogue or online order.

    The item with the lower price must be exactly the same as the item you bought, including size, colour, quality and condition, make and model number, attachments and accessories and the lower price must occur after the start of your Shopper's Protection policy.


      thanks for that mate; what I meant was how to maximize chances of cashback or getting the claim approved by buying a) console only or b) bundles? Which would be easier to claim and would be reduced often? i.e will they reject my claim if I buy a bundle with 4 games but the console is discounted only (not the bundle) at another retailer?

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        I'd be thinking that a "plain vanilla" console, widely sold by at least a few shops would be your safest choice, unless there is some game(s) that at the outset are a "must have" and as part of a bundle is a compelling must have offer.

        Their policy above would know that there are deals on bundles and seems to be worded quite clearly. You can't selectively partition items out of a bundle to satisfy your wish you had a solo console purchase.

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    You can claim like for like.

    If you want to buy a bundle now, and claim price protection on a non-bundle later, then you have a chance IF the bundle was some kind of unofficial bundle. I.e. the receipt shows the standalone console sku for one price and games/accessories/whatever as separate items.

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