External HDD: Serial on Enclosure Different to Serial on Internal Disk

It's a Seagate desktop backup plus, bought brand new. The weirdest thing is that they have different warranty expiries too.

Already went through the RMA process up to the point of sending it off tomorrow after data recovery, and just realised that the serials are different.

Is this normal, or will it be a problem?


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    Normal. The serial on the enclosure is what counts. In my case, the serial on the drive itself had no warranty.

    • Thanks for the reply. So you went through the RMA process with that device? Seagate seem to be notorious for attempting to send warranty products back for the smallest reason. Just trying to cover all bases before sending the unit off.

  • They might refuse warranty because you have opened the enclosure once. After all, how did you find out the serial numbers don't match?

    • Luckily, I got a "self-data recovery authorisation" before I shucked it. Honestly, in Australia that shouldn't be necessary, but who has the time to fight it legally