Hikvision Cameras

Hey guys

Can anyone confirm who is an authorised distributor in Australia? Im chasing aussie stock.

Does anyone also have any experience with these two units?

1) Hikvision DS-2CD2385FWD-I 8MP Outdoor Turret CCTV Camera 30m

2) Hikvision DS-2CD2H85FWD-IZS 8MP Outdoor Motorised VF Turret CCTV Camera



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    Did you try Google? www.hikvision.com.au would have also been a great place to start.

    Hikvision Aus distributors: here

    And by experience, do you mean you need help setting one up, or are you looking for reviews of the mentioned models?

  • I should have written authorised "retailer" but ill shoot the distributors an email.

    I was chasing peoples experiences with those particular models… as there isnt much mentioned about them.

  • I have the 2385. Access antennas is authorised distributor which I purchased from.

    • How are you finding the cams?

      Are you using a nvr or nas?

      Ill check them out.

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        Using a desktop with an i7 4790 as it has quiksync with Blue Iris software. Working great for 24/7 recording.

        • Awesome. I take it the zoom function on the next model up would be a waste? (DS-2CD2H85FWD-IZS)

          • @Daves88: Depends on your needs. Whats the price difference? My 2385 is at the front of my house and 4mm and 2.8mm is sufficient. If you're on acreage or far from the main road maybe but suburban housing should be fine. For licence plate capturing on the street 12mm would be good

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              @R3XNebular: $230 VS $400 is a decent jump up for a zoom function…

              I think the 2385s will suffice.


  • I've walked past a 'Hikvision Store' in Cabramatta, NSW (Shop 6/24-32 Hughes St) a few times.

    Looking them up, this appears to be their website.

    PS: Not sure if they are an authorised seller.

    • Cheers richard

  • I have the DS-2CD2385FWD-I.
    Very happy with it.
    PoE makes for an easy install.
    I've seen them as low as $207.50 during eBay sales.
    Do yourself a favour and get www.blueirissoftware.com to drive the camera(s)
    Also shop around for the blueiris software, because you don't have to buy it from their site and can find cheaper deals.

    • Cheers mate

      What are you running bluiris off?

      • Just an old desktop PC.

        Intel i7 2600k
        AMD FirePro v5900 (old CAD card)
        Windows 10 x64

  • I keep seeing the cameras on ebay as Oem, are they to be avoided ?