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EOFY Sale - 70% off Craft Clothing, Light & Grips from $2, Fist Gloves $25. Shoes from $30, Helmets from $20 @ Cycle Station



Over 1000 different products on sale, in road, mountain, BMX and casual riding categories.

Free Shipping if you spend $99 or over, or flat rate $9.95 standard shipping on orders under that. Free Local pickup in Albury, NSW also available.

Shop the full sale here: https://www.cyclestation.com.au/sale/

70% off RRP on all Craft Brand Clothing https://www.cyclestation.com.au/brand/craft/
* Craft Women's Belle Orange Rain Jacket in XS, S or M. RRP $173.95, now $52.19, save 70% https://www.cyclestation.com.au/craft-womens-belle-rain-cycl...
* Craft Men's White Verve Waterproof Cycling Jacket in S, L, or XL. RRP $173.95, now $52.19, save 70% https://www.cyclestation.com.au/craft-mens-verve-rain-cyclin...
* Craft Active Extreme CN SS Mens Base Laer in XS, S, M, or L. RRP $69.95, now $20.99, save 70% https://www.cyclestation.com.au/craft-active-extreme-cn-ss-m...
* Craft AB Mens Cyclng Jersey Royal Blue in S, M, L, or XL. RRP $84.95, now $25.49, save 70% https://www.cyclestation.com.au/craft-ab-mens-cycling-jersey...

Helmets on Sale http://www.cyclestation.com.au/sale?rf=kw&kw=helmet
* Flite Stree Wyse Fluro Lime (Yellow) Size Large. RRP $49.95, now $20, save 60% https://www.cyclestation.com.au/flite-street-wyse-bmx-helmet...
* Giant Rivet Road Helmet, Small or Large ONLY. RRP $219.95, now $30, save 86% https://www.cyclestation.com.au/giant-rivet-road-bike-helmet...
* Giant Rail MTB Helmet, Size SMALL ONLY. RRP $144.95, now $35, save 76% https://www.cyclestation.com.au/giant-rail-bike-helmet-mens-...
* Giant Strive Road Bike Helmet. Size Small or Medium ONLY. RRP $154.94, now $35, save 77% https://www.cyclestation.com.au/giant-strive-bike-helmet-men...
* Six Six One Full Face Helmet Tropic Orange. XXS, XS, S, L. RRP $144.95, now $80, save 45% https://www.cyclestation.com.au/six-six-one-reset-full-face-...
* All Bern Macon & Brighton Were $89.95 to $107.95, now $50. Bren Allston Were $149.95, now $80 Limited sizes remaining. https://www.cyclestation.com.au/brand/bern/

Light Deals
* Infini Lava Mini 3 LED Rear Bike Light (TINY!) Was $29.95, now $12, save 60%. https://www.cyclestation.com.au/infini-mini-lava-3-led-rear-...
* Infini Lava 2 LED Front Bike Light (TINY!) Was $39.95, now $20, save 50% https://www.cyclestation.com.au/infini-lava-2-led-front-bike...
* Blackburn Dayblazer 400 Lumens Front Bike Light (Metal Case) Was $49.99, now $30, save 40% https://www.cyclestation.com.au/blackburn-dayblazer-400-fron...
* CatEye Wearable X Clip on Light USB Rechargeable 35 Lumens Was $59.95, now $40, save 33% https://www.cyclestation.com.au/cateye-wearable-x-clip-on-li...
* Lezyne Super Drive 1500XXL Front Bike Light (Premium) Was $199.95, now $140, save 30% https://www.cyclestation.com.au/lezyne-super-drive-1500xxl-f...
* Lezyne Connect Drive 800XL / Strip Connect 150 Rear (Wireless control of your rear light! Was $249.95, now $150, save 40% https://www.cyclestation.com.au/lezyne-connect-drive-800xl-s...

Fist Gloves
* ALL FIST GLOVES IN STOCK $25. Were $39.95 to $44.95. Save up to 44%. Please note limited sizes of most designs https://www.cyclestation.com.au/brand/fist/

Shoe Deals https://www.cyclestation.com.au/sale?rf=kw&kw=shoe
* Giant Orbit Casual / Touring Bike Shoes. Good Size Range. Was $159.95, now $60, save 62% https://www.cyclestation.com.au/giant-orbit-touring-casual-c...
* Liv Regalo Womens Road Bike SHoes. Sizes 36, 37, 38 or 39. RRP $111.95, now $30, save 73% https://www.cyclestation.com.au/liv-regalo-womens-bike-cycli...
* Louis Garneau Platinum Road Bike Shoes. Sizes 44, 45, 46, 47. RRP $179, now $50, save 72% https://www.cyclestation.com.au/louis-garneau-platinum-cycli...
* Louis Garneau Granite MTB Shoes. Sizes 41, 42, 50. RRP $179, now $50, save 72%. https://www.cyclestation.com.au/louis-garneau-granite-mtb-cy...

Rack Deals - Most ONE ONLY in stock, first in best dressed
* Save 12% to 27% off selected Buzz Rack & Hollywood Racks https://www.cyclestation.com.au/sale?rf=kw&kw=car+rack

Jetblack Indoor Trainers
* Save 14% to 31% off Jet Black Trainers https://www.cyclestation.com.au/sale?rf=kw&kw=jet+black+trai...

Bike Grips from $2 https://www.cyclestation.com.au/sale?rf=kw&kw=grip
* Jet Black Link Lock on MTB Grips. RRP $23.95, now $10, save 58% https://www.cyclestation.com.au/?rf=kw&kw=jet+black+link
* SNAFU Siimple BMX Grips in White. Was $9.95, now $2, save 80%. https://www.cyclestation.com.au/snafu-bmx-grips-simmple-flan...
* Evoke Budget Lock-on Grips. RRP $16.95, now $5 (Or $3 for White!), save 70%-82% https://www.cyclestation.com.au/?rf=kw&kw=evoke+lock
* Odyssey BMX Grips (Selected models & colours). Were $26.95, now $15, save 46% https://www.cyclestation.com.au/sale?rf=kw&kw=odyssey+grips
* GT Flat Alloy Bar Ends. RRP $14.95, now $2, save 87% https://www.cyclestation.com.au/gt-bicycles-alloy-flat-bar-e...

Hundreds more products on sale, this is just a small selection listed here. Take a look at the lot at: https://www.cyclestation.com.au/sale/

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    Do your research, their prices with their discounts on some items are not cheaper than other retailer RRP

    • +7 votes

      Happy to see an example - what in particular did you look at that you don't think is cheap?

      Some of these prices here are crazy cheap - in some cases half of the wholesale price (eg the LG Shoes, Giant helmets) let alone retail price. I didn't individually double check we were the cheapest in Australia on absolutely everything but surprised at this first up negative comment.

  • +2 votes

    Can confirm some of the prices are very good.
    I brought a Giant Helmet last time in the cyclstation sale. Unfortunately it was a little bit too small, sold it within days on Gumtree for the price I paid including the postage.

  • +1 vote

    Just ordered some of the Craft apparel which seem to be at really good prices. I got a winter jacket, gloves and booties.

    Whilst I have not personally used any Craft products before, it appears to be a quality brand and reviews seem positive generally, from what I can see. Hope it turns out to be the case.

    Would have bought a Giant helmet too (agree with poster above that they are cheaper than elsewhere), but couldn't find one that I liked in my size.

    • +1 vote

      Hi Anto,
      Thanks for your order.

      Craft, in my opinion, is fantastic quality - the "reduced" prices aren't reflective of the quality at all, their stuff is much better than the price you paid would indicate. The only reason we have it so cheap is that we are their preferred clearance outlet and get all their end of line and odd size stocks and are passing on the savings. From the very first time we ever got the stuff in I was personally very impressed.

      Re the helmets, yes it does suck we are out of so many sizes - unfortunately that's one of the reasons the prices are so cheap, ridiculously cheap almost, is because a lot of the popular sizes are gone. There are other helmets on the site on sale that have better size ranges, but not reduced as heavily obviously.

    • +1 vote

      To clarify, by "odd size" I mean say there is only XS, S, XL, XXL and missing Medium & Large.
      NOT that the sizes aren't to spec or anything like that.


        Hi rep,

        I received my order a couple of days ago. Great service.

        One issue - the jacket I received is too small. Do you guys accept returns or exchanges for wrong sizes?


          Hi Anto, thanks for your phone call on Friday. For anyone else reading this, yes we certainly do offer returns, exchanges etc with no hassles.


    Last day today! Ends midnight! Six hours to go at the time I'm typing this! Get on it!

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