Help with Replacement 4x AA Torch. Old Nitecore EA4 Died

Hi all,

Wondering if you guys have any advice on the following.

My old Nitecore EA4 just died last night and I am looking for a replacement 4xAA torch (yes I have a lot of Eneloops I want to use).

I have bought others in the past like the Sunwayman D40A and the NiteCore EA45S all found through Ozbargain and all within the $50 - $60 range.

But all these are now in the $120 range, maybe it's because manufacturers are moving away from AA's and onto 18650's or equivalent.

Does anyone know where is the best place to find a replacement 4x AA torch for a 'similar' price? I don't expect you to find me the deal but perhaps good reliable sellers or other discussion forums that regularly discuss torches and their best offers?

Help appreciated.


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