New Monitor Recommendations and How Does Freesync Now Work?

Hey guys,

In need of a new monitor now that my ~8 year old 24" BENQ 120hz TN is playing up.
I have a GTX 1070 and play mostly esport games CSGO, Apex, LoL and whatever is popular at the time.
Been looking at something ideally under or around $500, notice that Computer Alliance have 15% off and thought it would be a good time to buy.

Ideally after something min 120hz as I'm used to that, 27" would be ideal and QHD but whatever is good around that budget.

I found this which seems to be perfect:

27" MSI Optix MAG271CQR RGB QHD Curved 144Hz Gaming Monitor
$509 after discount

Also this seems to be good hopefully I could wrangle more than a 15% discount if its a broken box/opened.

Question is though, it is Freesync, do all monitors now support "Freesync to Gysnc" or only some?
Also, does it matter if it's not Gsync will it make a huge difference?

Would appreciate any thoughts/suggestions!


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    All the monitors listed as G-Sync Compatible on that list are Freesync monitors that have passed Nvidia's testing and will work work well G-Sync out of the box. For Freesync monitors that are not on the list, you still have the option to enable G-Sync compatibility in the graphics driver. From reading reviews it seems that some monitors work OK with tweaks, some have minor imperfections and some have really bad flickering or other visual artifacts and the G-Sync is best turned off.

    I aven't tried G-Sync myself, my current monitor is still working too well to justify purchasing a new one.

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    G sync and Freesync achieve the same thing just different ways of doing it. Since you're running at a high fresh rate, i would highly suggest going with a gsync/freesync monitor to negate screen tearing and it will make the experience significantly smoother.

    GTX cards will work with freesync monitors as well gsync but AMD cards will only work with freesync.

    Also (just my 2 cents) the difference between 144hz and 165hz would be minimal and hardly picked up by the naked eye. I use a acer predator xb271hu at home and ive never looked back.