ViewSonic VX3515-2KPC-HD-W Vs Kogan Kogan 34" WQHD Vs Samsung S34J550W

Hey guys,

Looking for a budget 34" ultrawide monitor to replace my now dead 29" dell ultrawide, these three are around the $500 mark.
Mainly for gaming/movies/personal use, currently on a 970 that'll be upgraded within a year.

The Kogan 34" gets mentioned a lot, reviews on the panel itself seems good, with downsides being the low quality stand and only 1 year warranty (3 years for $70)

The ViewSonic 35" looks decent, but can not find reviews for it anywhere. The specs seems comparable with the kogan except the lower static contrast ratio (2000:1 instead of 3000:1) and less curvature(2500R vs 1800R).

And lastly the Samsung 34" which is only 75Hz and is a flat panel, but I've had good experiences with Samsung parts in the past so i'll leave it in the running.

Appreciate any feedback/suggestions!

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    Kogan 34" WQHD
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    ViewSonic VX3515-2KPC-HD-W
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    Samsung S34J550W UWQHD


  • Which one did you go for?? I'm looking at the Kogan.

    • I went with the Kogan in the end. Image quality is fantastic, the blacks are very impressive and coming from an IPS it's nice to see black actually being black. The build quality could be better though, the top edge of the monitor along the curves are uneven and a tiny bit bumpy (although i never had another curved monitor to compare, so maybe others are like that too). A lot of the complaints online i found were about the stand, but i never felt it wobble or at risk of falling. It's very limited in it's tilt/rotation though. So overall, built quality is okay, screen quality is very impressive. I'd certainly buy it again at this price.

      Edit: I just remembered the colours felt pretty washed out out of the box, but i found a couple of color management profiles that worked pretty well. Search for microboard m340CLZ (apparently it's the same panel) profiles.