ViewSonic VX3515-2KPC-HD-W Vs Kogan Kogan 34" WQHD Vs Samsung S34J550W

Hey guys,

Looking for a budget 34" ultrawide monitor to replace my now dead 29" dell ultrawide, these three are around the $500 mark.
Mainly for gaming/movies/personal use, currently on a 970 that'll be upgraded within a year.

The Kogan 34" gets mentioned a lot, reviews on the panel itself seems good, with downsides being the low quality stand and only 1 year warranty (3 years for $70)

The ViewSonic 35" looks decent, but can not find reviews for it anywhere. The specs seems comparable with the kogan except the lower static contrast ratio (2000:1 instead of 3000:1) and less curvature(2500R vs 1800R).

And lastly the Samsung 34" which is only 75Hz and is a flat panel, but I've had good experiences with Samsung parts in the past so i'll leave it in the running.

Appreciate any feedback/suggestions!

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    Kogan 34" WQHD
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    ViewSonic VX3515-2KPC-HD-W
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    Samsung S34J550W UWQHD