expired Sony Wireless On-Ear Headphones CH500 $57 @ Officeworks and Harvey Norman


Good price.

These Sony WHCH500 Headphones connect to your devices via Bluetooth so you can enjoy your favourite music and other audio without worrying about wires getting in the way. They have a long lasting battery that can go for up to 20 hours, allowing you to take them on the go and listen all day.

  • These headphones connect to your devices via Bluetooth and also support NFC so you can get up and running right away.
  • They have compact 1.18" driver units to deliver impressive sound.
  • The over-ear design incorporates swivel earcups for a more comfortable wearing experience.
  • There's a built-in microphone so you can take handsfree calls and also use voice commands to control your device.
  • These headphones have a sleek black design.
  • You can achieve a comfortable fit thanks to the adjustable headband and soft earpads.
  • There is a microUSB cable included so you can recharge your headphones.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman



    Can anyone who owns this give a brief overview on its build and sound quality? TIA


      It is ok i guess, but this one is on ear according to the review. Better to double check.

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      I had one and here's what I thought:

      Sound: 7/10
      Build quality: 5/10
      Comfort: 6/10

      I bought this for as a wireless headset for my PC but returned it because it has a lot of dropping out issue from the PC. However it works fine when connected to the iPhone/Mac.

      The most annoying thing was the glossy surface on the headphone. Literally shows every detail of your fingerprint and drove me insane. The build quality is very simple, light and there's no padding on the headband making it not as comfortable for long listening. The headphone doesn't fold, so be prepared to lug it around your neck or having it in your bag when you're commuting.

      Great for casual listening, second pair or a daily beater.


    I have these, if not a pair that looks very similar, and they are great. I use them at work for music, haven't tried with voice call yet though. Mine are called Sony extra bass headphones so check them out vs these. But some comments below:

    Comfy and great to wear all day.
    Battery life isn't a percent reading but it's a high medium low indicator from a set of led flashes.
    Long battery
    Can't listen and charge at the same time.


    You get get it from JBHIFI as well by doing price match