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[Amazon Prime] Dettol No Touch Hand Wash System 250ml $8.40 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Lightning deal for prime members, with free delivery. Ends in 2 hours or when sold out.

Not as cheap as previous $5.39 lightning deals but a good price nonetheless. Usually $12.99.

Tip: Thanks to Vash1984 you don't need to buy the specific refills, just use any hand soap to refill after twisting off the cap.

Edit: 1 Per account.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel K Keepa.

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  • Never understood this product. If the soap is so good at killing germs, why do you need this so as to avoid the supposedly contaminated push-down pump of a normal bottle…

    • You've obviously never had to deal with the horrors of having a father who gets faeces all over his hands while wiping his arse (yes, I know - I don't understand how the hell it happens either) and then leaving remnants on the pump when he uses it (I wish I was kidding). Not in a public toilet - in our own bathroom!!!

      • +10 votes

        One word can explain the origin of his problem - goatse.

      • -1 vote

        that’s bloody disgusting

      • Well sir, I now understand this product!

      • +3 votes

        well that escalated quickly….

      • oh dear, did you talk to your father about the issue??

        • Son as gratitude for buying me this no touch hand soap dispenser, I hereby swear to always refill the soap when it is empty…using my bare hands.

        • His excuse is that he's old and is groggy when he uses the toilet after getting up in the middle of the night. Yeah, right. I see evidence of this happening during the middle of the day so that's not the reason.

          The disgusting sponge he sometimes uses and leaves on the sink is the real icing on the cake.

          I point out to a chunk of faecal matter very clearly resting on the seat and he's like "I don't see anything".

          I even installed one of those fancy Japanese toilet seats that wash your bum so he wouldn't have to leave poo residue everywhere. He steadfastly refuses to use it, much preferring to very visibly mark his territory.

          • @mubd1234: You sure your dad is not suffering some of kind disorder due to old age? Like schizophrenia?

          • @mubd1234: You should install a speaker or something then when he goes in there one night.. shout into it (or use a computer voice).

            Poo alert poo alert
            Poo on seat detected!

            Then tell him you installed a new anti poo alert system

          • @mubd1234: send him to a nursing home?
            Props to you for living in the same house, how do you live with the thought that there might be minute amount of shit in any given part of the furniture, floor, fridge handle, any part of the bathroom floor, anything he touched

    • What's one of the first things people touch after going to the toilet that they never wash? Their belts.

    • Good for the kitchen when your hands are all dirty.

  • cheers cobs

  • Can you refill with cheaper stuff?

  • Dispenses far too much at a time

    • Have you checked the battery? It worked well for me.

      • Mine also dispenses about 4x as much as I would like. What do you mean checked the battery?

      • Is it this latest model or a previous version? Dettol have made significant changes to the dispenser. It used to be ridiculous bad, over dispensing, switch corroding, PIR sensor failing. This latest iteration appears to be quite good from personal experience.

  • 1 per person?

  • i prefer this ( Dettol) than the Xiaomi Mijia No Touch Automatic Hand Wash Soap Foaming Dispenser and for $8.4 this is definitely a bargain

  • Its a shame that it has no USB charging.

    Lot of batteries waste

  • These make perfect Kris kringle gifts

  • Deal is 2% Claimed

    • Might need to do a hard refresh in your browser, I saw 1% claimed before for some reason but refresh fixed:

      Lightning Deal
      54% Claimed
      Ends in 00h 16m 20s

  • mines charging for delivery?

  • Deal end

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