Advice on Gaming Laptop for under $2700??

Hi All,

I'm not really a computer savvy person but am looking at purchasing a laptop for casual gaming and mainly raw photo and video editing that will be shared between myself and my wife.

My budget is around $2700. I'll be using the laptop with two 24.5" ASUS PG258Q 240Hz monitors that I won in a raffle at work

I've been looking at the following laptops and am wondering if anybody has an opinion or a suggested alternative. I figured I'd buy now since there are some good EOFY deals going - well I assume they are good deals.

$2141.15 (inc 15% off rrp and delivery)

$2,651.15 (inc 15% off rrp and delivery)

$2,566.15 (inc 15% off rrp and delivery)

There isn't enough room for a desktop where we live, otherwise I would have gone down that road.

All opinions appreciated.



    I have a gigabyte aero 15 that was released last year, no complaints from me it's been solid. Not 100% same as your one since mine has a 1060 or 1070. A lot of the older reviews stated keyboard issues but even my one was revamped and fine so those reviews are out date, fyi.

    There's also some people that dislike the camera being at the bottom so you're kinda showing your chin a lot if you skype/vc a lot. Not a big deal for me since I never vc but good to keep in mind.

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    I have the aero 15 and its an absolute nightmare. It is extremely glitchy in terms of software. Changing the brightness hotkeys do not work, random BSODs, FPS lags, switching between full screen and framed video lags, thunderbolt 3 does not charge the laptop and is extremely buggy when plugging in and out of the laptop. Mind you, I have only just bought this about 2 months ago. Been on tech support and forums after a week of owning it. It does really well in benchmarks like Heaven and Cinebench but in real life applications like gaming and photoshop, it sucks ass and lags like crazy. Tried every fix under the sun and so it was finally sent off to Gigabyte just yesterday. If i could get a refund i would totally opt for it right now. My acer predator from 2016 is way better than this garbage.

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    Pretty sure there was a survey somewhere that stated the majority of those who bought gaming laptops rather than a desktop, regretted it.


    If your budget is $2,700 don't buy a gaming laptop. You will regret it.
    Please take photo of your setup.
    It doesn't make sense you think Desktop won't fit but you already own 2x 24.5" ASUS PG258Q 240Hz and thinking to get a gaming laptop which is very bulky in its own right.
    Your $2,700 will be used to buy a gaming Desktop and possibly a new desk/furniture that will fit everything nicely.


    There isn't enough room for a desktop, but there is for 2 x 24.5" monitors?

    You can get very compact desktops (see Mini ITX).

    $2700 would get you a top of the line desktop which would last 10 years.

    $2700 on a laptop would see it be worth $1000 in 3 years.


    Also the problem with gaming laptops is no battery life, so you end up plugging it in like a desktop anyway, so take that into consideration.