7 Day Old Samsung Washing Machine Doesn't Turn on. My Rights / Options?

Hi OzBargainers,

I purchased a brand new Samsung Front load washing machine from a reputable retailer a few weeks ago. I've literally used it for a week only and now it's not turning on at all.

I contacted the retailer, they directed me to Samsung directly to have the machine be fixed by an authorised repairer.

What rights and/or option do I have?

Because to be honest, I'm losing confidence in Samsung Washing machines and kind of regretting not getting a LG or Miele one.

What are the chances of being able to get a refund or exchange for a different model?




    Go through the process of getting it fixed. If still unsatisfied, can get replacement or refund.


      If I go through the process of having the machine fixed, I'm afraid I'd no longer have ground to request for a refund.

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        Just because you have it repaired doesn't mean you lose your rights to a refund under ACL for any future issues that may occur.


    Samsung will send a technician out. If it's faulty it will be covered by warranty. If it's a fault of your own, you will be charged a call out fee.

    They won't refund you straight away. If they repair it and it still has a fault for the 2nd/3rd time,then they will replace/refund machine.


      What is the most common user error that may render the machine out of action to the point where you can't even turn it on?

      I haven't poured water over it and no other electricals in the household are dead. So I'm ruling out electrical surges.

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    You have the right to a refund or replacement from the place of purchase according to ACL.

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      Yep - this would certainly constitute a major failure giving the purchaser the right to elect which remedy they want.
      Also correct that you don't need to go through Samsung - you can insist the retailer provide the remedy.


      Just adding to this. According to ACL, the place you purchased it is responsible for the repair and are not supposed to push you off to the manufacturer.


    kind of regretting not getting a LG or Miele one.

    WOW thats some price range you're looking at ;)

    Miele or LG/Samsung are hardly in the same category

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      indeed miele is top range
      I've got one, 7 years going strong
      mother in law had one for 25 years… just died last year


      I'll buy things fit for purpose.

      Budget would be secondary, as long as I am able to afford it.

      A decent Samsung/LG Washing machine are about $800. Miele is about $1,300. Difference is massive percentage wise, but dollar wise, the differences aren't massive when you consider people buy a top of the line fruit phone for $2k and use it for 2 years not even.


        When it was sold to you it was fit for purpose. It worked and complied with Australian Standards, thats all fit for purpose means.

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    I'm pretty sure retailer is not allowed to fob you off to the manufacturer. Esp when the you've had item for 7 days. If it was 2 years later, yeah, but not 7 days. That's a major failure and you should ha e choice of refund or repair.
    Need someone else to confirm this but also I think theres something in ACCC about retailers not being allowed to charge you for return shipping if it's a major failure with a big item like a washing machine?


      Called retailer up again and they said they'd need a technician to review the unit first before they'd be able to ascertain my option. That's reasonable I guess.


    Just had my washer done under warranty, pump needed replacing.was just under 2 yrs old. Pretty simple process call them and they send someone out. Took about 2 weeks though,


      Yeah that's my worry. I'd expect even the cheapest washing machine to last for 5 years plus. Any fix within it's first 2 years is just unacceptable.

      My last 2 washing machine were LG top loaders and they both lasted close to 10 years each.

      I've moved to a smaller place thus front load was deemed more suitable.
      Bought Samsung due to its attractive marketing and features and here I am.


        Just in case others are reading this, even if the warranty is expired, you are still covered under the ACl for repairs up until (sorry I don't have the exact wording) "a reasonable period of time expected based on the price of the item".

        For an $800 phone, the ACCC advised that the retailer was still obliged to repair a major defect (unable to charge) at 3yrs, while the original warranty was 2yrs.


    The ACL, I’d imagine, would suggest that a washing machine completely failing within 7 days is a major failure, I.E; complete failure of the product (cannot be operated at all).

    If I were you, and you want a refund, I’d contact the retailer and suggest that they may inspect the washing machine to determine that it in fact won’t turn on, and at which point you want a refund, and not a repair, as you consider it to be a major failure of the product, and as such under ACL you are electing to receive a refund rather than a repair.

    Some folks would be happy to have their goods repaired in the same circumstances, which is their prerogative, however the ACL as I understand it, would suggest that you are entitled to choose a refund instead, if that’s what you would prefer.

    It makes sense for the retailer to be given the opportunity to determine that it won’t turn on. One option would be to contact the retailer and suggest that you could bring the washer back to them to determine that it won’t turn on, or alternatively, you allow the repair agent to determine that it won’t turn on.

    Those are my thoughts. I wouldn’t have much confidence in a product that needs repair within 7 days either, and would also be seeking a refund in the same circumstances, for whatever that’s worth.


    Here in Australia there are a lot of brands that are far worth than big brands.
    I got an $495 Haier 8KG, 2y warranty, even spinning in 1000 it is pretty silence, water and electricity efficient with almost 5 stars in both.
    I love that machine.


    An authorised Samsung repairer ended up turning up within the week. Had the chat with the technician, he seems a genuine enough guy. According to him, this model is usually quite reliable and thus cannot explain this apart from bad luck.

    Based on that, i decided to just accept the repair as otherwise it'll at least another few days at best before my kids clothes may be attended to.

    The power board is dead, he replaced it and the washing machine works like a dream again now.

    I asked for a repair report for my future reference purposes, technician said he'll have to get the guys from the office to send it to me. Still haven't received it after a few weeks. Looks like I'll have to chase it up or it'll be ever happen.

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